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Rock Street, San Francisco
Rock Street, San Francisco
What is called when we show respect to someone? honor
Who is the patron saint of the United States? Mary, The Immaculate Conception
Who is a Saint whose good example we can follow? Patron Saint
What is a special type of church? basilica
How do we honor Mary? Pray to herplace statues & images of her in our homes
What is a special way we honor Mary? Pray the Rosary
What are the prayers of the Rosary? Hail MaryOur FatherGlory BeApostles' CreedHail, Holy Queen
What is the announcement of the birth of Jesus to the Virgin Mary called? Annunciation
Who were the parents of John the Baptist? Elizabeth & Zechariah
Who is a model of prayer? Mary
Who was Mary's cousin? Elizabeth
Who was John the Baptist? a boy who grew up to announce that Jesus was the Savior that God promised to send to his people
What is Mary's visit to Elizabeth called? the Visitation
What is The Son of God becoming a man without giving up being God called? the Incarnation
What is the story of the birth of Jesus called? The Nativity
What are the 3 days we honor Mary & have to go to mass? January 1 – Mary, the Holy Mother of GodAugust 15 – The Assumption of Mary to HeavenDecember 8 – Immaculate Conception
What is Mary's prayer of praise called? Magnificat

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