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Continental drift It is the hypothesis that states that the continents once formed a single landmass , broke up, and drifted to their present locations.
Pangaea Pangaea from hypothesis of plate tectonics that Pangaea existed about 245 million years years ago.we also know that Pangaea further splits into two huge continents Laurasia and Gondwana about 180 million years ago.
Sea-Floor spreading Is the process by which new oceanic lithosphere forms as magma rises towards the surface solidifies. As the tectonic plates and move away from each other, the sea floor spreads apart and magma pills the gap. As the new crust forms,the older crust gets pus
Plate tectonics Is the theory that the earths lithosphere is divided into tectonic plates into plate tectonics that move around on top of the asthenosphere.
Converging boundary What happens at a converging boundary depends on the kind of crust at the leading edge of each tectonic plate. When two tectonic plates collide.
Divergent boundary When two tectonic plates separate, new sea floor forms at divergent boundaries, mid-ocean ridges are the most common type of divergent boundary.
Transform boundary
When two plate tectonics slide past each other,the San Andreas fault in California is a good example of a transform boundary.
Convection currents
Hot spot
Mid ocean ridges
What the lithosphere moves on top of.
Wegener the one scientist who looked at the pieces of this puzzle was Alfred Wegener in the early 1900s, he wrote about his hypothesis of the continental drift. This hypothesis seemed to explain a lot of puzzling observations, including the observation of
Are volcanically active places on the eartha??s surface that are far from plate boundaries.
Are areas of the eartha??s surface through which magma and volcanic gases pass.
Mid-ocean are underwater mountain chains that run through the eartha??s ocean basins.
When a plate with oceanic crust, the denser oceanic crust sinks into the asthenosphere.
Vent Magma rises from the magma chamber through cracks in the Eartha??s crust to openings.

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