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T/F Officers good faith is irrelevant in court? True
Abusive language and comments towards supervisors is ________. Insubordination
T/F Can an officer have two windows on the computer open at the same time? True
Locator card checks are done at what times? 0330 and 1530
When is legal mail passed out? Upon receipt
How often do we have to recertify for DTs? Quarterly
T/F You cannot enter a cell by yourself you have to have at least two officers to do so? True
What is said on radio when an escape is in progress? Code red escape! Repeat escape!
T/F Lying on an IAB investigation is terms for termination of employment? True
T/F Misdemeanor arrest will be limited to the single most serious offense and generally will not be combined with felony or gross misdemeanor arrest. True
T/F Unintentional is knowing what you are doing is against policy but doing it anyways? False
Reasons to be classified as protective custody •nature of charges•law enforcement•material witness•informantALL OF THE ABOVE
How are complaints generated at Internal Affairs (IAB)? Telephone, Walk-in, Mail, Internet, All of the above
T/F All inmates sentenced in county jail are required to work, unless a judge says otherwise. True
To set a standard that will prevent and have a zero tolerance against sexual assault, sexual harassment, and rape? Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003
T/F Officers may back date log in elite if something was forgotten? True
T/F When in an IAB interview anything you say can be used against you criminally? False
What are the 4 principles needed for deadly force: 1.imminent jeopardy, 2. Preclusion 3. Opportunity 4.______
T/F Inmates are allowed 20 pictures and 30 letters in room. False
Officers _______ consort or fraternize or associate with persons of ill repute. WILL NOT
T/F Officers may use force in good faith for the safety and security of all involved. True
Who can't you release money to? Family member in custody
Can you check female cell if your a male even for a physical check? No, need female officer present
The 8 objective factors is used in a ____ report? Use Of Force Report
When you create an environment of a sexual nature and is hostile it's called: Hostile work environment
When are you allowed to use social media at work? Never
If you cannot report for duty, you need to notify them ____ hours beforehand. 2 hours
T/F Youthful offenders are with Adult Segregation. False
Disparate treatment is: Different treatment
T/F An inmate may roll up their sleeves and tuck in their shirt if the fit is too big False
Who is protected under 4th amendment unlawful seizures All of the above
Discrimination that creates a sexual environment ? Hostile work environment
Hazmat will be put in what? Mono Sol Bag
Deadly force factors needed? 1.ability 2.opportunity 3.Imminent jeopardy 4.preclusion
A physical check is usually performed at the beginning of shift and visual checks are every ______ minutes. 30
T/F if subpoenaed can you bring your reports, notes, and notebook to court? True
What is code orange? Lockdown with Limited movement throughout facility
T/F Use of force must reflect the totality of the situation? True
T/F An inmate can bring legal mail and a pencil to a legal visit. True
T/F While using the photographic system you will take pictures of inmates tattoos? True
T/F During transport, footwear should be removed and searched. True
The Sheriff assigns who for OR release All of the above
What is DSD Records responsible for? All of the above
how long does it take to put an inmate uncausious when using LVNR" 4-7 seconds
What is a TCR called? Temporary Custody Record
T/F First officer on scene of a crime will assist individuals or handle suspects. False
An inmate returning from an unsupervised AA meeting can be stripped searched by? All of the above
T/F Inmate tries to attempt suicide for attention, is correctional staff responsible? True
Officers can access what on the computers? ELITE
T/F Max and Disciplinary inmates will have razor pass conducted between 1800 – 1900 hours. False
A person in possession of a dangerous drug with intent to sell is guilty of a? FELONY
T/F Though the arresting officer has already pat searched an inmate, they still have to be searched again before booking. True
T/F There are 3 types of evidence: physical, direct, circumstantial. True
T/F SCOPE stands for Shared Computer Operations for Law Enforcement. False
T/F officer shooting incident fit and cirt will be notified True
TCR's are kept for how long by records bureau? 85 years
T/F Per SOP 17.01.02 Mass Booking for LVMPD special event will be called to assist with the inmates resisting? True
T/F A visual check is the inspecting of bunks,cells,sinks,window? False
T/F If 2 or more inmates, of the same sex, are being transported to the same destination, they shall be belly chained & secured one to another, foregoing the leg shackles True
Who notifies the officer of official visits in the South Tower? Post 10
T/F Civilian Personnel who have authorized inmate workers assigned to their work area are allowed to pick up or return inmates workers to and from housing unit? False
On official visits,____ Inmates receiving a contact visit will be____ ? All /strip searched
Class II narcotic that is a white powder usually mixed with cocaine will penetrate thru pores of the skin? Fentanyl
From ch4 emotional survival. contemporary distrustful human nature and motive Cynical
How much time to recover from hyper vigilance? 18-24 hours
When conducting a pat search where should you pay close attention? Hair, Ears, Mouth, Groin (All of the above)
T/F A crime scene can be a person, vehicle, place or anywhere. All crime scenes have evidence. True
Information regarding inmates that can be released to the public. All the above
T/F Juveniles and adult inmates are allowed to be transported together as long as restriction of contact exists. False
Female inmates given razor usage must return razor to the Officer within how long? 10 minutes
T/F if a prisoner of the opposite sex is transported without a tablet the start/stop milage is verbally given to dispatch True
lvnr has __ levels of control 3
When an inmate is at UMC and is scheduled for release and discharged how do you release them? Transport them back to CCDC for the normal releasing procedure.
T/F The 4th Amendment doesn't apply to Detentions. True
How many aspects does due process have ? 2
T/F Can A Strip Search Be Done On A Body Cavity Search False
How many types of crime scenes are there? 2 Static/Dynamic
During a shakedown of the facility which of the following areas are to be inspected? inmates bunks, showers, rec area, all of the above
How long for someone to revive from being unconscious ? 5-20 seconds
__ officer(s) can transport __inmates out of the facility . 1 officer to 10 inmates
What is the first thing inmates do to adapt in a module? All the above- size up officer, environment, and other inmates
Who can sign money property if inmate is not present? Officer and sergeant
What are the 3 criteria for controlled substance? Potential for abuse, accepted medical use, potential for psychological and/or physical dependence
where is the IPC command post? CCDC training A/B/C room
which is not a component of an explosive? Transmitter
what is it when you're watching your surroundings? hyper vigilance
Where does NVC evacuate inmates? Area of refuge (west of housing)
Which of these is NOT associated with the acronym R.A.I.N. Assist
T/F When Sert is activated a camera will not be used. False
_______ and ______ should happen when a Law enforcement officer is under criminal investigation what two things should happen? Judicial and expedite
Who tells SERT when to go to NVC, DSD, LVMPD Bureau Lieutenant
The right to a fair and speedy trial is what amendment? 6th
Who responds to a excited delirium call? All of the above
Reasons why a CIT officer would be called upon. All of the above
The hypervigilance cycle is ___________, not psychological. Biological
per IPC, the basic emotions are ______ ALL OF THE ABOVE- scared, sad, angry
T/F A Person Showing Excited Delirium Is In A Medical Crisis ? True
If you find a suspicious letter or package, call the responsible bureau lieutenant immediately using a cellular phone, cordless phone, or landline False (landline or in person only)
How many inmates to be classified a disturbance 3 or more
Officer will remain professionalism all time during a search of an Inmate True
when someone is being interrogated Miranda has to be read no matter the severity of the crime. True
A person's right to not self incriminate in court (testify against himself) is what amendment? 5th amendment
Justification for restricting an inmate's First Amendment rights are what? Safety And Security
Per Unusual Occurrences, notify Control Room of? Nature of problem, location, and extent of damage
Per department manual 5/210.30 Who will be requested to respond if material needed for evidence contains flammable, acid, caustic substances, etc. Area Lieutenant (or Patrol Division watch commander in the lieutenant absence)
How many critical structures are recognized ? 16
Who is the first victim of the roller coaster dynamic? The officer
Who will make the decision for a tactical response from SWAT? Incident Commander
416 R, 416 situations, officer will not enter the module unless directed to do so by who? On Scene Supervisor
Adding meaning to feeling means ? Understanding the feelings
when an emergency at nvc/ccdc exists you as an ofc have authority to relocate inmates to _____? Adjacent modules
A Minimum of how many hot meals will be provided to inmates? 2
According to chapter 8, OVERCROWDING is detrimental to the performance of prisons. True
Target areas for OC are eyes nose mouth True
If an inmate's has a medical request that is non-emergency? tell them to get a kite from the nurse during med pass and offer them a grievance request form
Lost proximity cards will be reported to who? Your Sergeant Verbally
Who will have knowledge of if and inmate has HIV or AIDS medical, classification, administration
If you're leaving the building for longer than 30 min, what do you do with your keys? Turn them in
Who runs the medical diet list? post 9 officer
Of the 7 components of OC spray which is the key component? Capsaicin
What must a C/O do when they OC an inmate? Call medical code 99 and escort inmate to medical
When will inmate locator cards be reviewed by housing officer? Monthly
T/F Nervousness is a significant reason for probable cause. False
T/F if an arrestee is Pepper sprayed in the field the arresting officer will notify booking? True
Before chow, everything must be put away except? Janitorial Equipment
Who is not authorized to access armory? Training Staff
How often can an inmate turn in his blanket to be laundered? Every 3 months
T/F NRS 209.419 deals with the use of telephones being recorded. True
where will female inmates religious services be held in the North tower? Outer day room
T/F Belligerent inmates shall not be removed from the cell by an individual officer. True
T/F amendment 9 serves as fundamental rights not set forth in the constitution True
T/F According to the department manual OC is considered non lethal aerosol True
T/F inmates wrongfully arrested who give a confession is admissible in court False
When you get your keys you must check and make sure… All the above
According to part V of the handout Amendment _____ was designed to reduce fears that the new government might someday seek to exceed its proper powers 10th
A native born Americans citizenship cannot be revoked for any reason per what court decision? DRED SCOTT DECISION OF 1857
inmate workers should be under direct supervision of who at all times? officer or floor sergeant
T/F According to the correctional law book ch 10, deadly force is allowed to be used regarding private property? False
Officers who practice physical fitness are better: Emotional survivors
How long are inmates legal phone calls in the hospitals? Unlimited amount of time
Possible maintenance problems will be reported how? By work order on ERP portal
T/F You can lie to an inmate as long as it’s not a threat or a promise. True
T/F Officers that are physically active are more financially stable. True
How long do you have to register with the dmv within getting hired and having to be a resident of clark county if employed with lvmpd? 60 days
How many free time are there for GP in the North Tower throughout the day? 5hrs
T/F Being physically fit is associated with financial success. True
T/F All visits, social and legal must be approved by the "on duty watch commander" and agreed upon the respective hospital True
Inmates legal material must be delivered? Upon receipt
Do you have to wear a seatbelt when you doing perimeter check if you’re driving under 15 MPH Yes
You ____ awaken a sleeping person with a ecd will not
T/F Do not give inmates control of the remote control True
Items missing out of the hospital bag will be reported to whom ? STB Sergeant
T/F Cross gender announcement when opposite gender on deck True
Force should be used when no other reasonable alternative under situation? True
(T/F) According to the above mentioned Department Manual, when you impound and log property on the temporary evidence/property control log LVMPD 126, it shall not be used as part of the chain of custody to maintain procedural integrity. False
T/F a contractor may bring tools into a STB module to complete a job if the inmates are on lockdown. True
T/F The officer in charge of the rec yard must do a physical inspection of the rec yard both before and after rec time. True
T/F emergency vehicles always have the right of way False
Where is the language reference guide located ? Central booking Sgt’s office, DSD Records Bureau release post, Medical in central booking, DSD Records Bureau supervisor and managers office
T/F in the department manual it says to park a department vehicle in a way so you don’t have to back up? True
When you are working POST 9 at NVC and need to transport to CCDC, where do you get the keys? 2nd FLOOR AT NVC ADMIN OFFICE.
T/F There are more procedural rights in a parole revocation hearing than a prison or jail disciplinary hearing. True
If the evoc course is failed to be participated in or the individual does not qualify, they will not be assigned duties that involve a vehicle. True
Pregnant inmates will have waist restraints _____ the belly. Above
Any active shooter situation or a person brandishing a firearm in a hospital is an Emergency code_____ Silver
T/F When an officer is working at UMC every hour they will change channels to llob to check in then change back to their assigned area channel? True
What will Ofc do when OC deployed? Call medical and escort to medical
Unless security or safety constrictions dictate otherwise or if limited by a CAB hearing, inmates in special housing units require a minimum of one hour of exercise per day outside of their cells five days per week True
Who is the fire warden? The floor Sgt
What is not a validation tattoo of the Mexican mafia….? The gorilla
First person seeing a fire will report via radio what? All of above (assess situation, assess inmate security, assess need for staff)
When a person is in custody and is being questioned Miranda is necessary? True
What category of fire is fueled by wood, paper, plastic and other solid materials such as furniture ? Class A
A person sending obscene letters is guilty of what? Misdemeanor
(T/F) The term slob is a way to disrespect the blood gang. True
A C.O. puts a known child molester on a tier with other inmates who are known to hate child molesters. The C.O. then lets the inmates know that he won't be doing his normal visual checks and the inmate is assaulted. What right did the C.O. violate? Failure to keep from harm.
Shell casings found at a crime scene are what type of evidence? Physical evidence
What number do Mexican mafia associate with? 13
Define the term “leakage” with concern of a person being interviewed or interrogated An involuntary behavior where the liar inadvertently reveals the truth.
In regards to inmates held at UMC or other hospital, all of the following are true EXCEPT: An inmate may have unlimited access to social phone calls as long as security is not compromised
T/F As per class, anyone is able to submit a suspicious activity report (SAR) anonymously True
How many people are needed to consider it a gang? 3
Per DM if a person is to be suspected of being in a gang, how many criteria need to be meet? 2
T/F If janitorial equipment is discovered broken you will notify the floor sergeant and complete a module information report. True
What is Modus Operandi? Latin for Mode of Operation, How a suspect commits their crimes
What color does the Hoover associates with ? Orange
the question regarding one CO asking another CO to submit a false report conspiracy
T/F Outlaw Motorcycle Gang is investigated by the criminal intelligence section of the organized crime bureau True
The Aryan Brotherhood was known as Diamond Tooth and bluebird True
Courts consistently have ruled that random urine testing of correctional officers is an unreasonable search. False
What prison gang is the most organized among all California prison gangs? LA EME
Knowing what you’re about to do is wrong, but doing it it anyways Willfulness
C/O takes inmate to medical, Medical check out the inmate and says there is nothing wrong, medical sends inmate back. In the morning the inmate is dead who is responsible.. No one
Rules of evidence class A statement describing a starting event while the speaker is under stress of the event is?? EXCITED UTTERANCE
What class of Fire is the cause by liquid or vapors? Class B
Evidence of a defendant's other criminal acts is inadmissible to show what? Defendant's bad character
if one officer is upset with an inmate and gets two other officers to handcuff and bring him to cell where officer is waiting to beat him up while the other two officers stand as look out, who has violated the civil rights laws All three COs
An agency is likely to refuse representing an officer if he acts in bad faith. True
Top two domestic terrorist groups Sovereign citizens, Violent militia
According to the SOP an inmate in restrictive housing may use the phone for bail, legal etc with whose approval? Floor sergeant
4 factors for establishing informant reliability Validity, criminal history, prior performance, dependability
all of the following are sources of officer rights EXCEPT: disposition
the Mexican mafia uses which emblem The black hand
.T/F Policy states all terrorism liaison officers must be commissioned officers False
The prison gang using the 3 leaf clover is the Aryan Brotherhood
Sexual harassment is not illegal? False (it is illegal)
Per class according to the CIE 2016 Domain Threat Assessment, what are top three international terrorist groups? Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL)/Hezbollah/Al Qaeda
The word custody means to deprive someone from their freedom or to take to arrest True
Second element of civil right violation? Must act willfully
3 body movements associated with deception? nods, shakes, and shrugs
T/F If an inmate is refused housing at other contracted facilities due to gang criminal activity, the inmate will automatically be placed in appropriate housing pending special investigation review. True
what colors are represented by surenos? Blue
When Sergeant tasks you with waste disposal, what will the officer not do? Do not touch red biohazard bag/waste.
A biohazard bin can be put on a good cart. False
A confession obtained from an unlawful arrest was not admissible in court. True
50 hover street gang are represented by the houston astros sign and the number 13. False
which is not a legally recognized privilege? Parent-Child
what does swp stand for? Supreme White Power
T/F:FLO officers have a responsibility to keep all info gathered at a minimum law enforcement confidential and follow all OPSEC and department policies/guidelines. True
C/Os and staff are responsible for basic fire safety and prevention: Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly? Daily
T or F. Suspect must be read Miranda in custody and interrogation. True
At NVC, where will the fire department report to? Area of refuge
To determine whether “interrogation” exists, courts consider whether or not officer’s questions were reasonably likely to elicit an incriminating response from the subject. True
T/F Does every suspect need the Miranda rights given any time. False
when there is a fire and u report to your sgt who determines how many fire extinguishers to use on duty supervisor
What is standard for courts to apply when reviewing a miranda issue totality of circumstances
True or false is officer need to memorize answers questions for testifying False
the first civil rights violation is? "Color of Law"
The 2 types of crime scenes are? Static and dynamic
The aryan brotherhood is represented by what symbol? Three leaf clover
Which of these does not have a SHU Florence
Eyewitness testimony is referred to as what? Direct evidence
Questioning that is reasonably likely to illicit an incriminating response is what? Interrogation
Location by itself does not determinative of custody True
What is construed broadly to include action of law enforcement officer committed within the scope of his or her employment? Color of law
Why are lies believed? Skill of liar, listener wants to believe, investigator fails to identify cues
A lie is defined as an attempt to create in another a belief that the communicator considers to be untrue? True
All reporting of suspicious persons, vehicles or activities to the SNCTC will take place when? Prior to the officer securing their shift
SNCTC stands for? Southern Nevada Counter Terrorism Center
oxygen, fuel, heat, Which one do you need to remove to stop fire? remove anyone to stop fire
you are able to use your cell phone while working in the hospital for work related communications True
Location by itself is not determinative of custody True
Which NRS is known as the of Peace Officers? NRS 289
LVMPD internal affairs investigates allegations of misconduct for all Southern Nevada agencies False
Investigations conducted at IAB is typically completed within? 90 days
Anything you say at IAB can be used against you criminally? False
The two types of sexual harassments are Quid pro quo and hostile work environment
List two outside agencies that employees can go to file a complaint Equal opportunity commission (EEOC) and Nevada equal rights commission
The Vision is to be the safest jail in America.
The Mission is to set the standard for American jails through leadership and excellent service, while focusing on the safety of the community, staff members and inmates.

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