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Rock Street, San Francisco
Rock Street, San Francisco
Question Answer
What is the most organized gang? Mexican Mafia
The Mexican Mafia uses what as the symbol for their gang? The Black Hand
The Sureno gang is represented by what number? 13
(T/F) The Hoover Criminals gang is represented by the Houston Astros symbol and the number 13. False
SWP stands for what? Supreme White Power
The Aryan Brotherhood (AB) is represented by what symbol? The Three Leaf Clover
Which of these areas does not have a SHU division? Florence
The Hoover Criminals gang is represented by what color? Orange
RAHOWA stands for what? Racial Holy War
The Sureno gang is represented by what color? Blue
Which of these is not a representation of the Mexican Mafia? Gorilla
Eyewitness testimony is referred to as what? Direct Evidence
Demonstrative evidence is evidence that what? Is created for use in trial
Evidence of a defendant’s other criminal acts is inadmissible to show what? Defendant’s generally bad character
Which of the following is not a legally recognized privilege? Parent-Child
A statement describing a startling event while the speaker is under the stress of the event is what? Excited Utterance
Which answer is incorrect? A witness is competent to testify if…… The state really needs the testimony
Hearsay evidence is……. Admissible if a statutory exception exists
A shell casing found at the scene of a shooting is what? Physical Evidence
Which statement is correct regarding crime scene evidence? None of the above
The state would be unable to proceed with a case under which scenario? The only evidence of the case is a suspect’s admission
(T/F) Custodial interrogations require Miranda. True
Questioning that is reasonably likely to illicit an incriminating response is what? Interrogation
A formal arrest or restraint on freedom of movement of the degree associated with a formal arrest is what? Custody
(T/F) Location by itself is not determinative of custody. True
(T/F) In general with custody you need to look at the totality of circumstances. True
(T/F) Anyone can invoke Miranda for the subject. False (only subject can invoke)
Is Miranda required in a court room? No
How soon after service of a copy of the summons do you need to submit a request for defense? Within 15 days
An allegation that one party has violated the constitutional rights of another party and seek an end to such violations is known as what? Civil Rights Action
A Civil Rights Action is often referred to as what? A Constitutional Tort
What is construed broadly to include action of law enforcement officer committed within the scope of his or her employment? Color of Law
What shields public officials from damages for civil liability so long as they did not violate an individual’s “clearly established” statutory or constitutional rights? Qualified Immunity
The Civil Rights Act of 1964 banned discrimination in employment and public accommodations and is also known as what? Title VII
When the department pays for the lawsuit because you were in the scope of employment it is known as what? Indemnification
When the liar inadvertently reveals the truth is known as what? Leakage
What are the 3 body movements associated with deception? Nods, Shakes, Shrugs
Why are lies believed? Skill of liar, Listener wants to believe, Investigator fails to identify cues
What are the 4 types of lies? Falsifications, Exaggerations, Distortions, Withholding Information
Which type of lie is concealment? Withholding Information
(T/F) A lie is defined as an attempt to create in another a belief that the communicator considers to be untrue. True
What are the 2 types of crime scenes? Static & Dynamic
What is Modus Operandi? Mode of Operation, How a suspect commits their crimes
Formerly placing someone under arrest or restricting freedom so they feel they can’t leave is known as what? Custody
Evidence which does not directly prove involvement but infers connection exists is known as what? Circumstantial Evidence
What are the 4 factors to establishing informant reliability? Validity, Prior Criminal History, Prior Performance, Dependability
What are the 3 elements to Title 18 Section 242? Color of Law, Willfulness, Violation of Constitutional or Statutory Right
When an officer knows an act is wrong and chooses to do it anyway is what? Willfulness
What is Title 18 Section 1512? Obstruction of Justice
What are the elements of a fire? Oxygen, Fuel, Heat, Chemical Chain Reaction
R.A.C.E. is an acronym for what? Rescue, Alarm, Contain, Extinguish/Evacuate
Who can relocate inmates where? Module Officer-Any adjacent areaFloor Sergeant-Any area on floorWatch Commander-Floor to floor & Tower to toweCaptain-May evacuate the facility
What are the different types of fires? Class A (Trash), Class B (Liquid), Class C (Electric)
When there is a fire in CCDC where will the fire command post be located? 12th Floor
The Southern Nevada Counter Terrorism Center is commonly referred to as what? Fusion Center
(T/F) TLO officers are not Counter Terrorism Detectives. True
Before being considered as a TLO an officer must complete a TLO basic on-line training course consisting of how many modules? 10
To become an FLO an officer must complete the FLO basic course consisting of how many modules? 12
TLO stands for what? Terrorism Liaison Officer
FLO stands for what? Fusion Liaison Officer
Officers __________ detain subjects for merely being suspected gang members or gang affiliates. WILL NOT
Officers coming in contact with identified gang members will ensure what is completed and forwarded to the Gang Crimes Bureau? Field Interview Card
Who is responsible for the investigation of gang related crime? The Gang Crimes Bureau
(T/F) A gang must be composed of three or more persons. True
(T/F) A person can be an affiliate of a gang. False (cannot)
(T/F) Determining if an individual is a gang member is a result of the totality of the circumstances. True
The storage facility for all property impounded by the Department members, including evidence, found and safekeeping items is known as what? The Evidence Vault
LVNR stands for what? Lateral Vascular Neck Restraint
How many levels are there to applying the LVNR? 3
The LVNR restricts blood flow to the brain causing the subject to pass out by compressing what on the sides of the neck? Carotid Arteries
How long is the LVNR Certification course in the Academy? 12 hours
How often is LVNR Recertification required? Quarterly through Defensive Tactics
LVNR __________ be used on subjects that have been exposed to OC spray or who are experiencing difficulty breathing. WILL NOT
What report must be done on any application of LVNR on a subject? Use of Force Report in Blue Team
(T/F) You must summon medical attention on ALL use of LVNR. True
All reporting of suspicious persons, vehicles or activities to the SNCTC will take place when? Prior to the officer securing their shift
SNCTC stand for what? Southern Nevada Counter Terrorism Center
Staff shall inspect firefighting/emergency equipment when for condition, storage and accessibility? Start of each shift
Fire hazards should be reported as soon as possible to the Fire Marshal through the Fire Warden (floor sergeant) using what? Report A Safety Concern link on the DSD Intranet
Fire Warden (floor sergeant) will provide training on how to properly use fire extinguishers how often? Annually
Sergeants will notify who of any deficiencies in the Safety Inspection Checklist? Watch Commander
How often will fire drills be completed? Quarterly
How should an officer that detects a fire notify control room? “Code Red, 402” and location
If fire is in the incipient stages who should attempt to put out the fire? The officer noticing the fire.
Who is responsible for structural firefighting beyond the incipient stages? The Fire Department
Where are fire extinguishers located? Each housing unit office, kitchen and laundry
Who is responsible for notifying the fire department? The Control Room
All Control Room Operators (CROs) will be trained how often in basic operations of the fire control panel? Annually
(T/F) Fire alarms show on the CRO work station and can be reset from the work station. True
Where will command post be for fire department at NVC? Area of Refuge
Responding officers will attempt to extinguish the fire with a maximum of how many fire extinguishers? 3
(T/F) Floor Sergeant will supervise fire scene until relieved by higher authority. (mere presence of higher authority will not imply assumption of command). True
(T/F) ABC fire extinguishers are located in all occupied areas of the facilities. True
Supervisors must have orders submitted by when? 0600 hours
South Tower housing units orders will be placed by night shift staff on what day? Sunday
North Tower housing units orders will be placed by night shift staff on what day? Monday
NVC orders will be placed by night shift staff on what day? Monday
Night shift staff is responsible for taking inventory how often? Twice weekly
Who inventories and stores the delivered supplies? Day shift staff
(T/F) Inmates are allowed in the supply warehouse. False (never allowed)
(T/F) All items carried into the facility must pass through the scanner/x-ray machine. True
What color designates a flammable chemical? Red
What color designates a toxic chemical? Blue
What color designates a caustic chemical? Yellow
Chemicals will be stored in a secure area where? Supply Section Warehouse
Supply Section will inventory quantities how often? Monthly
(T/F) Commissioned employees below sergeant and civilian staff shall NOT possess and/or use portable telecommunication devices within the secure perimeter of the facility. True
(T/F) Any assignment outside the facilities is authorized to use their cell phone for work related purposes. True
Any use of audio/video equipment must be approved by who? Bureau Commander or above
Employees that notice their mobile communications device is missing or lost will do what? Notify Supervisor Verbally Immediately and do an Officer’s Report
Female pads and used razors will be disposed of in what? Red Biohazard Containers
When red biohazard container is at least _______ full, housing unit officers will call Supply Section for pick-up and a replacement container. ?
(T/F) At no time will biohazardous waste be discarded into the trash dumpster. True
How often will trash be collected and taken to the dumpster. At least once per day
Officer will compare janitorial inventory list for their post against actual equipment and log it in ELITE when? Beginning and End of each shift
Where is Janitorial Equipment Inventory sheet located? Inside door of janitorial supply closet
Floor Sergeant will inspect janitorial supply closet how often? Weekly
If janitorial equipment is discovered broken what needs to happen? Notify floor sergeant, Complete ELITE module information report
North Tower and NVC movement officers inventory cleaning supplies in the core hallway restrooms when? Beginning of each shift
(T/F) Hand sanitizer must remain secured and is intended for officers use only. True
(T/F) Inmates will not be allowed free access to equipment. True
Voice prompts are available on telephone calls in what languages? English and Spanish
(T/F) All numbers require entry of the area code. True
(T/F) A prompt informs both parties that the call is being recorded. True
(T/F) Free call numbers are not monitored or recorded. True
(T/F) Inmates are allowed to receive incoming telephone calls. False (not allowed)
How long is each phone call? 10 minutes
The Public Defender phone list ___________ be posted in the housing units. WILL NOT
Inmates __________ be permitted to sit while using telephone in housing unit dayroom. WILL NOT
When do Max and Disciplinary housing make phone calls? During exercise period
When do General Housing units make phone calls? Free time
What is the time limit for official/legal phone calls at UMC? No time limit
Who approves social calls at UMC? Watch Commander
If there is a problem with inmate phone a ____________ needs to be filled out. Work order
(T/F) Inmates housed in CCDC may be re-evaluated at any time concerning their security threat level. True
Who will provide increased security during high risk transports? SERT
Any staff member who observes inmates initiating gang activities not resulting in the level of formal or informal rule violations can document their observations in ____________ under the heading of Special Investigation Review. ELITE
Mail monitors requested by LVMPD investigators expire after how much time? 90 days
Under what circumstances is an agency likely to refuse to defend an employee sued by an inmate? When the employee acts outside the scope of his or her duties and in bad faith
Name two types of discovery. Depositions, Interrogatories, Motions to Produce, Requests for Admissions
(T/F) When testifying, the witness should try to memorize answers to the lawyers’ questions. False (should not)
List three sources of officers’ rights. Union Contracts, Civil Service Laws, Discrimination Laws, Occupational Health and Safety Laws, State and Federal Constitutional Law
(T/F) While sexual discrimination is against the law, sexual harassment is not. False (sexual harassment is against the law)
(T/F) Courts have not consistently ruled that random urine testing of correctional officers is an unreasonable search. True
(T/F) A confession obtained after an unlawful arrest or unlawful detention is inadmissible in evidence. True
(T/F) When a suspect refuses to consent to a search and insists upon a warrant, that fact may be introduced into evidence. False (may not be introduced)
(T/F) As an officer in an internal investigation, you are required to give a statement and answer questions truthfully. True
(T/F) As an officer, if you are not truthful in your statements or answers to questions, you will be subject to termination. True
(T/F) As an officer, your truthful statement or any information or evidence which is gained through questioning cannot be used against you in any subsequent criminal proceedings. True
The affect of offering use immunity to the officer by indicating any statements made will not be used in a criminal prosecution is know as what? A Garrity Warning
(T/F) Monitoring of inmates conversations by employees of county jail by use of intercom system does not violate NRS 200.650. True
(T/F) Recording statements made by individuals seated inside a patrol car does not violate a constitutionally protected right to privacy so long as no interrogation takes place. True
Anyone who willfully violates the following provisions of the NRS because of the actual or perceived race, color, religion, nation origin, physical or mental disability or sexual orientation of another person or group of persons is guilty of what? Gross Misdemeanor
The first offense of stalking is guilty of what? Misdemeanor
Subsequent offenses of stalking are guilty of what? Gross Misdemeanor
Aggravated stalking is guilty of what? Category B Felony
Threatening or obscene letters or writings is guilty of what? Misdemeanor
Entering property with intent of damaging or destroying property is guilty of what? Misdemeanor
Damage of religious, burial, or educational property or property memorializing the dead is guilty of what? Gross Misdemeanor
A person that willfully disturbs religious meetings is guilty of what? Misdemeanor
Can Officer's use their cell phone at UMC? Yes, for work purposes
Who is the Fire Warden? Floor Sergeant
Officers will report fire hazzards as soon as possible to fire marshall through? Fire Warden (floor sergeant)
How many people do you need to be comsidered a gang? 3 or more
How many people do you need to be considered a riot? 3 or more
__________ Officers immunity to an officer by indicating that any statement made in an IAB investigation can not be used in a criminal prosecution. Garrity Warning
What does BGF stand for? Black Gorilla Family
What gang uses the black hand symbol? Mexican Mafia
What is construed braodly to include action law enforcement officer comitted within the scope of his or her employment? Color of law. 1st element of civil rights officer must act
What does SNCTC stand for? Southern Nevada Center Terrorism Center
Can an inmate in restrictive housing (2C) use the phone? Yeswith approval from the floor sgt
Is sexual harasssment illegal? Yes
Where will command post be for fire department at NVC? Area of refuge
Female pads and used razors will be disposed of in what? and When? Red biohazard containers. 3/4 full
If an item of janitorial equipment (mop handle) is discovered broken, notify the floor sgt and complete ______ Describing the details An elite module information report
Eyewitness testimony is referred to as? Direct evidence
Evidence of a defendant's other criminal acts is admissable to show? Defendant's generally bad character
Which of the following is not legally recognzied privilege? Parent-child
A statement describing a startling event while the speaker is under the stress of the event is? Excited utterance
A shell casing found at the scene of a shooting is what? Physical evidence
If an inmate asks for medical attention and is seen by medical and nothing was observed so he was sent back to his cell. The next morning he was found dead in his cell by the officer. Can his family sue due to civil rights? No
When do you inventory janitorial supplies? Beginning and end of shift

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