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Files are stored in ______ on a Hard Drive (One or more sectors of storage space) Clusters
The more _______ a disk, the longer Windows takes to retrieve a file, ans the more likely you are to have problems. Fragmented
The ______ partition contains the Windows OS files. Boot
If your computer or device has problems after you upgrade a driver , try restoring, or ________, to a previous version. Rolling Back
A file type that File History lets you backup? Music files
If a hardware device isn’t working properly, or if a program that you’re installing indicates that it requires newer drivers than you currently have installed, first check ____ for updated drivers. Windows Update
If your computer suffers a power surge or power failure, Windows might lose one or more ____ from a file that was open when the problem occurred. Clusters
NTFS can access disk drives up to ____ in size. 2 TB
Not one of four resources that Windows may assign to a device. ICQ
The system resource that signals to the microprocessor that the device is requesting an action. Javier correctly answers ____. the IRQ
If an older program doesn’t function properly on Windows 10, you can use the ____ troubleshooter to fix the problem(s). Program Compatibility
System Restore uses a feature called System Protection to create a(n) ____, a snapshot of your computer’s system files. Restore point
Windows 10 can locate and repair disk errors with the ____ tool. Error-checking
To recover a complete system, most computer manufacturers provide a set of system recovery options, usually on a DVD, known as a(n) ____ disc. System Repair
A(n) ____ is a software file that enables Windows to communicate with and control the operation of a device. Driver
If you turn off System Protection on a disk, Windows ____ the restore points that are on your computer. Deletes
You can use ____ to change how your hardware is configured and interacts with your programs. Device Manager
Monitor is flickering. What is the best suggestion to make to her? Set the refresh rate to 75 Hz.
Section of the computer’s memory devoted to the different devices on a computer. I/O address
File History let you backup ______. Compressed folders
When installing a new hardware device, ________. All of the above may be correct, so it is important to read the instructions included with the device carefully.
Viewing the properties of your hard disk cannot tell you about _____. Installed programs
Some of the images on her monitor do not look entirely realistic. What aspect of the monitor should she adjust? Color settings
Because of its portability, capacity, and ease of use, backing up to an _______ is the option experienced computer users prefer. External hard drive
Christine has a low resolution setting on her monitor. Which of the following is most likely to be true when this setting is used? The images have jagged edges.
After making the first full backup, File History works in the background to______. Back up only files that have changed since your last backup
To arrange the data on your hard disk so your computer can run more efficiently, you use ______. Optimize Drives
Windows attempts to place files in _______ clusters whenever possible Contiguous
What kind of device should Christine use to adjust brightness, contrast, and color settings for the best results? Calibration
To create a restore point in Windows 10, you need an NTFS hard disk that had at least ______ of free space. 300 MB
You can daisy-chain up to ______ USB devices together. 127
External devices are connected to your computer through a ______. Port
A hard disk partition is also known as a ______. Volume
You insert devices such as network adapter cards and sound cards into _______. Expansion slots
A hard disk is organized as a concentric stack of ______. Platters
A computer hard disk is a ______ storage device. Magnetic
Not correct about device resources: Most computers have eight DMA channels.
If a device does not need to use your computer’s microprocessor, information can be transferred directly between the device and the system’s memory using the ____. DMA channel
According to the textbook, _____ hard disks eventually will fail, so you should backup your personal files regularly. All
Internal devices are connected to the _____, a circuit board inside your computer. Mother board
Some devices, such as video cards, require additional computer memory for their own use (not related to communicating with the microprocessor) and are assigned a(n) ____ to serve this purpose. Memory address
______ a program removes the program's files and any changes made to Window system settings, such as in the registry. Uninstalling
Rather than a grid of pixels, a _____ graphic consists of shapes, curves, lines, and text that together make a picture. Vector
A single point is ____ inch. 1/72
You can play a simple slide show in the ____ app by clicking the Slide show button on the Apps bar. Photos
A shape's _____ is its inside area. Fill
Holding down the _____ key while dragging to create a shape keeps the proportions equal. Shift
Requires your team to process a lot of images from medical imaging equipment. What is the format you are most likely to use to produce images for this client? TIF
Although ____ is not a separate program that you can open from the Start screen or the Apps menu, it is a full-featured tool you can open from the Pictures library. Windows Photo Viewer
You can change the magnification in Paint by clicking the ____ tab, and then clicking the Zoom in or Zoom out button. View
What should you use to select the correct width for a line? Size
You draw an oval by selecting the ____ tool in Paint, and then dragging to create the shape. Ellipse
When you make a mistake in Paint, you can reverse up to you last ____ actions. 3
Instead of capturing a full screen, you can use the ____ Tool to capture a window, a tile, or any other part of the screen. Snipping
OneDrive is a _____ storage space for your files. Cloud
When a file stores an instruction to repeat a color until it changes, this space-saving technique is called _____. Compression
Cameras store photos as _____ image files. JPG
One of your new projects involves creating an illustrations for the Web with a tremendous amount of fine detail. What format is the best match for this? JPG
______ is a typical vector file format. SVG
You can ____ an image to remove one or more rows or columns of pixels from the edge of a picture. Crop
The _____ format compresses images without losing quality and allows animation. GIF
Photos that are _____ are the ones not protected by copyright law. in the public domain
A memory card reader is a device that plugs into your computer's _____ port. USB
Tool that allows you to zoom into or out of an image? Magnifier
Pictures on a computer are called _____ images. Graphics
Which color group option do you adjust to change to background color of a shape? Color 2
You can play a simple slide show in Windows Photo Viewer by clicking the _____ button in the playback controls. Play slide show
The _____ format compresses images without losing quality but does not allow transparency. PNG
You can play a simple slide show in the Pictures library by clicking the Slide show button on the _____ tab. Pictures Tools Manage
The _____format maintains image quality in print and on the screen. TIF
The _____format is useful if you are creating images for print. TIF
Your company has a new client that requires your team to process a lot of images from medical imaging equipment. What is the format you are most likely to use to produce images for this client? TIF
_____ is a typical type of bitmap file format. PNG
If you want to edit an image by removing part of it along the sides, which tool did you learn you can use? Crop
_____ is the default graphics format in Windows 10. PNG
When you shrink a ______ graphic, Paint removes pixels and the graphics loses details. Bitmapped
The ____ app is similar to the Photos app – you use it to play any music files stored in the Music library in your computer. Music
The ____ format efficiently compresses photographic images. JPG
Which option in the Shapes group allows you to select a style for a line that you wish to draw. Outline
To include more than one email address in the To text box, insert a _____ between each email address. Semicolon
When you connect a device to your computer for the first time, Windows Media Player selects the ____ method that works best for the device, depending on the storage capacity of the device and the size of your library in Windows Media Player. Sync
A collection of basic shapes and images with few colors. What does your manager tell you is the best format for these? BMP
When you manipulate a _____ graphic, you work with a grid of dots called pixels. Bitmap
The simplest bitmaps have ____colors. Two
Your supervisor tells you that the image you are creating—a logo—should be saved in a particular format. What format does she tell you to use? GIF
In Paint, you can select an entire image by pressing the _______ keys. Ctrl + A
A _____ is a name you use to ID your wireless network SSID
If you are concerned that you might lose power while your desktop computer is asleep, turn on ______. Hybrid sleep
A ____ is smaller than a notebook or a laptop and has a touchscreen and sometimes a pointing device, Tablet
What percentage of battery power does the computer use per hour of sleep? 1 to 2
Which power plan is the optimal match for editing a song and producing a video? High performance
In the Balanced plan, Windows is set to turn off the display after _____ minutes of idle time if the computer is plugged into an outlet. Ten
____ is a place where you can move files from a PC, such as a desktop computer, to another device, such as a mobile computer. Sync Center
In the Balanced plan, Windows is set to turn off the display after ____ minutes of idle time if the computer is using battery power. Five
Constructing a sophisticated Excel spreadsheet is best done using the _____ power plan. High performance
Which of the following can create a homegroup? None of the above
A ____ is a network of computers and other hardware devices that reside in the same physical space, such as an office building. LAN
To connect your computer on the Internet, you need a ______, which sends and receives information over telephone or cable lines. Modem
The _____ setting in Windows Mobility Center connects your computer to a projector. External Display
Used on the Ethernet network, network ______ connect two or more computers to the network. Hubs
Option designed specifically for desktop computers? Hybrid sleep
If the Remote Desktop section does not appear in you System Properties dialog box, a ____ setting might prevent you from connecting to a remote computer. FIrewall
_____ sleep is an alternative to sleep designed for desktop computers. Hybrid
Optimal power plan for checking email and listening to music? Power saver
Computers connecting to your computer are also running Windows 7, Windows 8.x, or Windows 10, allow connections only if they are running Remote Desktop with _______. This option provides more security and can protect remote computers. NLA
To find the name of a computer, you open the _______ window by opening the Control Panel, click System and Security, and then click System to find the computer name listed in the Computer name, domain, and workgroup settings section. System
Into what state does Windows automatically put your mobile computer after a specified period of time? Hibernation
If your computer is asleep during a power failure, which of the following options allows Windows to restore your desktop because it saved them to our hard disk? Hybrid sleep
An ______ provides wireless access to a wired Ethernet network. Access point
Use the ____ display option for second screens when you want to conserve battery power. Second screen only
A ______ is an example of a tablet's pointing device. Stylus
Playing a video game and then taking a break to check your email is optimal for the _______ power plan. Balanced
The _____ plan is a power plan that provides enough power for typical computing tasks while conserving energy consumption. Balanced
"Windows saves your data and system settings in temporary memory and then suspends operations as it goes into a power-saving state" Sleep
The steps to run router software on your computer usually require that you provide a network name, or ______. SSID
Windows ______ Center organizes mobile computer controls into a single location. Mobility
You are spending the afternoon reading and responding to emails, then you put your computer away for the weekend is optimized with the ________ power plan. Power saver
____ connect computers and networks to each other and let you share a single Internet connection among several computers. Routers
Use the _____ display option for second screens when you are giving a presentation on a projector or a fixed display. Duplicate
Which is not an option to set the speaker volume? The volume control on the Sounds menu
A sync _____ is a set of rules specifying which files and folders you want to sync, where you want to sync them, and when, Partnership
_____ uses the least amount of power of all of the power-saving states. Hibernation
A sync _____ occurs whenever differences cannot be reconciled between a file stored in one location and a version of the same file in another location. Conflict
_____ is a common type of network technology for a small office or home network. Powerline
Use the _____ display option for the second screens when you want in increase your work space. Extend
The ____ setting in Windows Mobility Center selects a power setting that suits how you are working with your computer. Battery Status
Use the _____ display option for second screens when you are using your computer as usual. PC screen only
The MS Community is a ______. Web site that hosts forums of users and experts.
To have Windows collect data about your system and diagnose any problems, you generate a report titled ______. System Diagnostics Report
The _____ Task Manager tab lists the programs that are running on your computer, including those that are not responding . Processes
An _____ is special text file that contains details about your system events. Event log
The Reliability Monitor window maintains up to _____ of history for system stability and reliability events. A year
The print queue does not display information about the ______. Print restart factor.
Use the _____ window to install and trouble shoot printers. Devices and Printers
Betty has tried the simplest solution given in the chapter, but it didn't work. The nest step for her is to try ______. Last Known Good Configuration
To select the Last Known Good Configuration option, be sure to press _____ right after the computer starts. F8
A _____ is a program or process running in the background that supports other programs. Services
You can open the _____ tab in the Task Manager to ID unresponsive programs. Processes
Timothy wants to get the facts on how his computer is performing, and he wants to have graphs showing performance over time. To accomplish this, he should use ______. the Performance Monitor
What tool did Timothy use to find the non responding new software, which took the CPU usage near 100%? Task Manager
_____ is a Task Manager window tab. Services
Before you make any major changes to your computer, _____. set a System Restore point
Although Action Center ____ are not designed to address every computer problem, they are a good place to start to keep your computer in excellent running condition. Troubleshooters
Betty has been able to eliminate the default settings and basic device drivers as possible causes for her computer's problem. This means she has ______. used Safe Mode successfully
Advanced users find it more convenient to use _____ to learn details such as computer name, OS version, processor type, and total amount of RAM. the System Information window
You search for answers in the MS Community by ______. Entering one or more keywords
Timothy wants to take a systematic approach to solving his computer problem. What is the first thing he should do? Define the problem
Charlie has been using a dialog box to manage memory and DEP. Which tool has he been using? Performance Options
To keep your computer running at peak performance, you need to know how to recover from two types of software errors: those produced by ______, and those produced by _______. programs; Windows 10
Charlie is looking to measure how well his computer does what it is supposed to do. What term corresponds to this? performance
Charlie has been reading suggestions generated by Windows for maximizing performance on his system. Which tool has he been using? System Diagnostics
Windows Performance Monitor allows you to ______. Collect logs and generate reports
The Reliability Monitor window displays events on a chart, assigning each event a number from _____ to ______. 1 (least stable); 10 (most stable)
______ events are called audits. Security
______ can open Task Manager. Any user
You can use ____ to fix missing or damaged system files that might prevent Windows from starting. Startup Repair
The most complicated solution for recovering an OS is _____. Startup Repair
_____ is the main tool you use to diagnose problems with system performance. Performance Monitor
Timothy finds that his system’s biggest problem is that it needs more memory. There are many options for solving low memory problems. Timothy has tried running fewer programs, but still seems to have memory problems. What is the next thing he should try? Increase the size of the paging file
Windows sets the initial minimum size of the paging file at ______. the amount of RAM installed on you computer plus 300 MB
A _____ occurs when a program retrieves data from RAM and stores it on the hard disk. Page fault
The Resource Monitor window lets you view a total of ____ graphs to track usage of resources. Four
Of the following, the simplest solution for recovering a OS is ____. System Restore
____ is a trouble shooting option for Windows that starts your computer with only basic services and functionality. Safe Mode
Using ReadyBoost can wear out a USB flash drive, generally over a period of _____. a few years
If you have 2 GB of RAM on your computer, which of the following amounts would fall within the recommended range of flash memory to use for ReadyBoost? 4 GB
All of the following are true of Windows Remote Assistance except _____. For extra security, you must manually allow Remote Assistance to pass through Windows Firewall.
If your _____ usage appears frozen at or near 100%, it is a signal that some programs may not be responding. CPU
When you choose the "Adjust for best performance" option in the Performance Options dialog box, Windows will use _____. none of the visual effects listed
If you are having trouble performing a task in Windows, you can use ______ to record the steps you take on a computer. the Problem Steps Recorder

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