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Rock Street, San Francisco
Rock Street, San Francisco
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why are statutes passed because the government decides that employees require protections and rights, minimum standards and conditions
why are statutes amended – change in political party power- demographic shifts/ changing social values- changes in technology
when does a bill become a statute when it receives royal assent
how does a statute come into force – on royal assent- on a particular date- on proclamation
what levels of government can pass employment-related statutes 10 % federal governement90% provincial governmentbylaws – minicipal
what are the 5 keyareas of the accessibility for ontarians with disabilities act, 2005 customer service, information and communications, employment, transportation, and built environment (design of public spaces)
what are the 4 protected groups women, aboriginals, people with disabilities, visible minorites
what are the 2 federal laws that apply to both federally and provincially regulated industries the canada pension planthe employment insurance act
what does the canadan charter rights and freedoms cover freedom of religion, association, and expression; democratic right; mobility rights; legal rights; and equaity rights
how does the charter impact on the private sector employers employees cannot directly use the charter against the employers decision

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