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_______ is the use of computers to assemble data from different sources to create electronic dossiers of detailed information about individuals. Profiling
When a software product is considered ____________, it becomes difficult to hold software producers liable for flaws in their product. Similar to books
The Federal Trade Commission FIP principle of Notice/Awareness states that: Websites must disclose their information practices before collecting data.
The Online Privacy Alliance: Encourages self regulation to develop a set of privacy guidelines for its members.
Privacy protection in the United States is _______ in Europe. Much less stringent than
Spam is legally defined as any e-mail that is unsolicited. False
Key differences between software and books include all of the following except: Software products are more easily compared to each other than books
One of the key concepts in patent law is novelty. True
Malicious software that is installed secretly on your computer by other applications and that tracks your online movements is called spyware. True
Because of their special claims to knowledge, wisdom, and respect, professionals take on special rights and obligations. True
The extreme difference among different social groups regarding their access to computers and the internet is called the _______ divide. Digital
____________ prohibits an organization from collecting any personal information unless the individual specifically takes action to approve information collection and use. The opt-in model
Gaining unapproved access to a computer is not a federal crime. False
________ enables advertisers to display more relevant ads based on user's search and browsing history. Behavioral targeting
COPPA is a set of five principles developed by the FTC that most American and European privacy law is based on. False
Ethics describes the principles of right and wrong that can be used by individuals to make choices to guide their behavior. True
Which legal mechanism grants the owner exclusive ownership of the ideas behind an invention for 20 years? Patent
As discussed in the chapter, all of the following are steps in the process for analyzing an ethical issue except: Assigning resonsibility
The central business activities of ChoicePoint raise which of the five moral dimensions? Information rights and obligations
In the information age, the obligations that individuals and organizations have regarding the preservation of existing values and institutions fall within the moral dimension of: Quality of life
Which of the following is a primary drawback to the "do anything anywhere" computing environment? It blurs the traditional boundaries between work and family time
Which of the following is not one of the current key technology trends that raises ethical issues? Increase in multimedia quality
The routine violation of individual privacy is made more difficult by advances in data storage False
Web beacons are tiny, invisible software programs hidden in e-mail messages and web pages that are used to track and report a user's online behavior True
Which of the following is not one of the types of information gathered by web site tracking tools? Birthplace
The limitation of trade secret protection for software is that it is difficult to prevent the ideas in the work from falling into the public domain when: The software is widely distributed
"Look and feel" copyright infringement lawsuits are concerned with: The distinction between an idea and its expression
The US CAN-SPAM Act of 2003: Requires spammers to identify themselves
In 2010, the FTC added all of the following recommendations to its privacy guidelines except: Firms should limit the length of time that any personal data is stored to six months or less
The ________ framework developed by the US Department of Commerce allows US businesses to legally use personal data from EU countries. Safe-harbor
Which of the following US laws gives patients access to personal medical records and the right to authorize how this information can be used or disclosed: HIPAA
Companies can't realistically create error-free software because: It is too expensive to create perfect software
The ethical "no free lunch" rule states that: Everything is owned by someone else, and that the creator deserves compensation
Computer abuse refers to acts involving the computer that may not be illegal but are considered unethical. True
Which of the following best describes how new information systems result in legal gray areas: They result in new situations that are not covered by old laws
The symptoms of technostress include aggravation and hostility toward humans. True
Which of the following ailments is caused by tens of thousands of repetitions under low-impact loads? RSI
Which of the following best describes the effect that new information technology has on society: It has a ripple effect, raising new ethical, social, and political issues.
________ is a societal practice of having laws that are known and understood, along with the ability to appeal to higher authorities to ensure that the laws are applied correctly. Due process
As per the _______, if an action cannot be taken repeatedly, it is not right to take at all. Slippery-slope rule
A peer at work takes small amounts of office supplies for her own use at home, saying that this is a tiny loss to the company. You tell her that if everyone were to take office supplies, then the loss would no longer be minimal. Your rationale . . . Kant's categorical imperative
Liability is a feature of political systems and allows individuals to recover damages done to them by others. True
A Facebook users' visit to a web site can be tracked even if they do not click a Like button. True
CVS refers to: Eyestrain related to computer display screen use
In today's legal environment, business managers who violate the law through the misuse of information systems are still unlikely to be fully prosecuted. True
The problem with web browsers' Do Not Track options is that web sites aren't obligated to honor these settings. True
The most common reason business systems fail is: Data quality
_______ are not held liable for the messages they transmit. Regulated common carriers
Re-designing and automating business processes can be seen as a double-edged sword because: Increases in efficiency may be accompanied by job losses
Unlike regular browser cookies, flash cookies: Cannot be easily detected or deleted
________ means that you accept the potential costs and obligations for the decisions you make. Responsibility
The ethical guideline that asks you to put yourself in the place of others, and think of yourself as the object of the decision, is called the Utilitarian Principle. False
In recent years, the illegal sharing of music files has declined with the improvement of technological prevention. True
In the ______ model of informed consent, personal information can be collected until the consumer specifically requests that his or her data not be collected. Opt-out
Which of the following describes Immanuel Kant's Categorical Imperative: If an action is not right for everyone to take, it is not right for anyone to take.
Identifying the stakeholders-people who have a vested interest in the outcome of the decision-is the last step in analyzing an ethical issue. False
The ____________ brought copyright law to the internet age by outlawing the circumvention of technology-based protections of copyrighted materials. Digital Millennium Copyright Act
Spamming raises the moral dilemma of: Quality of life
________ is a new data analysis technology that finds hidden connections between data in disparate sources. NORA
Most internet businesses do very little to protect the privacy of their customers. True
_______ protects the creators of intellectual property from having their work copied by others. Copyright law
Although online tracking gathers an enormous amount of information on individual users, it is anonymous and can't be tied to a specific person. False
Copyright is the legal protection afforded intellectual property, including drawings, movies, and maps. True
The rate of global piracy is approximately 42% True
Which of the following is the primary reason that the practice of spamming has grown exponentially? It is very inexpensive and can reach so many people
The moral dimension of _______ can be described as the obligations that individuals and organizations have concerning rights to intellectual property. Property rights and obligations
US businesses are allowed to use personal data from EU countries if they: Develop equivalent privacy protection policies
Any intellectual work product that isn't based on public knowledge can be classed as a trade secret. True
Taking the action that produces the least harm best describes the: Risk aversion
According to several court findings, the general functional features of software are protected by copyright law. False
The strength of patent protection is that it: Grants a monopoly on underlying concepts and ideas

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