9 science revision

Questio Answer
What does an endothermic reaction do? Endothermic absorbs heat
What does an Exothermic reaction do? Exothermic produces heat
Four factors that change the rate of a reaction? Adding a catalystChanging the temperatureChanging the particle sizeChanging the concentration
What does the central nervous system contain? The brain and the spinal cord
Properties of acids? Taste sourPh lower than 7
Properties of bases? Taste bitterPh higher than 7
What does a motor neuron do? Receives information from the brain and send it to effector organs
What does a sensory neuron do? Receives stimulus from receptor cells and sends it to spinal cord
What does an interneuron do? Connection between sensory and motor
Examples of stimuli that get detected by receptor cells? Light, chemical, pressure, temperature

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