2nd 6 weeks CBA

Term Definition
inalienable/ unalienable rights life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
The last battle of the American Revolution took place in Yorktown, Virginia
The harsh winter at this location killed off many of George Washington soldiers during the American Revolution. Valley Forge, Pennsylvania
Turning point in the American Revolution. The Battle of Saratoga (took place in New York)
The shot's heard round the world Lexington and Concord (Massachusetts)
3 out of 5 slaves would count towards representation in government. The 3/5 compromise.
The House of Representatives members would be based on population and the Senate would be equal with each state getting two votes each no matter the size of the state. The Great Compromise
Representation in congress would be based on population. This plan favored large states. Virginia Plan.
Representation in congress would be equal with each state getting on vote each. This plan favored small states. New Jersey Plan.
4th Amendment Protection against illegal searches and seizures.
Helped create the concept of separation of powers which gives us three branches of government. Charles de Montesquieu.
1st Amendment Freedom of Religion, Assembly, Press, Petition, and Speech (RAPPS).
(Cause and effect) Because the anti-federalists were against the constitution: a bill of rights was added.
Why were the anti-federalists against the constitution? because it supported a strong mental government and did NOT have a bill of rights in it.
The Constitution was written by James Madison in… 1787
Under the Articles of Confederation the congress did not have the power to tax. This was fixed in the Constitution by… giving ONLY Congress the power to tax.
In the Declaration of Independence we complained that the king had absolute power, so when we created the Constitution we made sure that… Congress could overturn a presidential veto (checks and balances).
In the Declaration of Independence we complained that the king was not allowing colonists the chance to have a trial by jury of their peers. We fixed this in the US Constitution with the… 6th and 7th Amendments.
In the Declaration of Independence we complained that the king passed the quartering act which forced colonists to house British troops. We fixed this in the constitution by passing the 3rd Amendment.
In the Declaration of Independence we complained that we were being taxed without our consent. Our motto was "No Taxation without Representation". We fixed this in the Constitution by… Saying that all states have representation in congress, which sets taxes.
The Federalist papers were written to convince people to ratify or pass the US constitution.
The Bill of Rights were written by George Mason in 1791.
True or False: The federalists were against the constitution. false. The federalists were for the ratification of the constitution.
One reason that Shays Rebellion was able to last so long was because… Congress couldn't raise an army under the Articles of Confederation.
Why did the Anti- Federalists NOT want to ratify the U.S. Constitution? Because it didn't have a Bill of Rights and gave too much power to the federal government.
How many votes are needed to move an amendment from the proposal stage to the ratification stage? 2/3rd's vote from both houses in congress or from 2/3rds
How many votes are needed to ratify an amendment? 3/4th's vote from the state legislatures or from their ratifying conventions.
What was a major weakness of the Articles of Confederation? It didn't allow the Central Government to raise an army.
The Federal Government is the same thing as the… Central or National Government
Ratify or Ratification to pass or to allow
Grievence a complaint

JL???2?-2 AmericanCal

Question Answer
wildlife ?????
protection ??
wild ???;??;????;???
habitat ???(???)????
threaten ??;??
decrease ?? (?)??;???
endanger ??;?????
die out ??;????
loss ?? ??;??
reserve ???
hunt ??
zone ?? ??
in peace ???
in danger (of) ????;??
species ?? ??
carpet ??
respond ?? ??
distant ?? ???
fur ?? ? ??
antelope ??
relief (??????)?????
in relief ????,????
laughter ? ??
burst into laughter ?????
mercy ??
certain ???,??,??
importance ??(?)
rub ? ??
protect…from ??…??…(??)
mosquito ??
millipede ???
insect ??
contain ?? ?? ??
powerful ??? ???
affect ?? ?? ??
attention ?? ?? ???
pay attention to ??
appreciate ?? ?? ???
succeed ?? ;??;??
secure ??? ;???
income ??
employ ?? ??(??????)
harm ?? ??
bite ?,?,??
extinction ?? ??
dinosaur ??
come into being ??,??
county ?;?
inspect ?? ??
unexpected ???? ???
incident ?? ??
dust ??,??
according to ??,??…??
disappearance ??
fierce ???,???
so that ??? ??
ending ??;??
classical ???;?????
roll ?? ??
orchestra ????
rap ???
folk ???
jazz ???
choral ????
musician ???
dream of ?? ??
pretend ??,??
to be honest ????,???
attach ?? ?? ??
attach to ???
form ??.????
fame ?? ??
passer-by ???.??
earn ?;??;??
extra ??? ??
instrument ??;??;??
perform ??;??;??
pub ?? ??
cash ??
in cash ???;???
studio ???.???
millionaire ????;??
play jokes on ??
actor ???;???
rely ??.??
rely on ?? ??
broadcast ?;??
humorous ???.???
familiar ???;???;???
be /get familiar with ?? ?…????
or so ??
break up ?;??;??
reunited ???;???;??
attractive ??????????
addition ?;??;??
addition ??;?
sort out ??
excitement ??.??
ballad ??;??;??
overnight ???;???;(?)??;????
dip ?;?
tadpole ??
lily ???
confident ???;???
brief ???;??? n ??;??
devotion ??;??
afterwards ??;??
invitation ??;??
sensitive v / adj ???;?????.???
painful adj ??? ???
above all ???;??

Intro to Science

Question Answer
Science The study of the matter and movement of God's physical creation.
Matter The substance of the physical world.
Pedology The study of the soil.
Scientific method An organized way for scientists to gather knowledge and study science.
Hypothesis A sensible explanation.
Constant Conditions that remain the same.
Variable Conditions only in an experimental group.
Atom The smallest and most basic units of matter.
Molecule Atoms linked together.