N America countries

Country Capital
Anguilla The Valley
Aruba Oranjestad
Barbados Bridgetown
Bermuda Hamilton
Canada Ottawa
Costa Rica San Jose
Dominica Roseau
El Salvador San Salvador
Grenada Saint George's
Guatemala Guatemala City
Honduras Tegucigalpa
Martinique Fort-de-France
Montserrat Plymouth
Netherlands Antilles Willemstad
Panama Panama City
Saint Barthelemy Gustavia
Saint Lucia Castries
Saint Pierre and Miquelon Saint-Pierre
Trinidad and Tobago Port of Spain
United States Washington DC
Antigua and Barbuda Saint John's
Bahamas Nassau
Belize Belmopan
British Virgin Islands Road Town
Cayman Islands George Town
Cuba Havana
Dominican Republic Santo Domingo
Greenland Nuuk
Guadeloupe Basse-Terre
Haiti Port-au-Prince
Jamaica Kingston
Mexico Mexico City
Nicaragua Managua
Puerto Rico San Juan
Saint Kitts and Nevis Basseterre
Saint Martin Marigot
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Kingstown
Turks and Caicos Islands Cockburn Town
US Virgin Islands Charlotte Amalie


Question Answer
Classification the action or process of classifying something according to shared qualities or characteristics.
Archaebacteria size and simplicity of structure but radically different in molecular organization. They are now believed to constitute an ancient intermediate group between the bacteria and eukaryotes.
Fungi A group of unicellular, multicellular, or syncytial spore-producing organisms feeding on organic matter, including molds, yeast, mushrooms, and toadstools.
Taxonomy the branch of science concerned with classification, especially of organisms; systematics.
Eubacteria a bacterium of a large group typically having simple cells with rigid cell walls and often flagella for movement.
Plantae plan
Dichotomous key is a tool that allows the user to determine the identity of items in the natural world, such as trees, wildflowers, mammals, reptiles, rocks, and fish.
Protista any of a diverse taxonomic group and especially a kingdom
Animalia that one of the basic groups of living things that comprises either all the animals or all the multicellular animals — compare animal kingdom plantae protista.

S America countries and capitals

Country Capital
Argentina Buenos Aires
Brazil Brasilia
Colombia Bogota
Falkland Islands Stanley
Guyana Georgetown
Peru Lima
Uruguay Montevideo
Bolivia Sucre
Chile Santiago
Ecuador Quito
French Guiana Cayenne
Paraguay Asuncion
Suriname Paramaribo
Venezuela Caracas

Plate Tectonics

Term Definition
Continental drift Is the hypothesis thata??s states that the continents once formed a single landmass, broke up, and drifted to their present location.
Sea floor spreading Is the process by which new oceanic lithosphere forms as magma rises toward the surface and solidifies.
Plate tectonics The theory that explains how large pieces of the Earth's outermost layer called tectonic plates move and change shape.
Convergent boundary The boundary formed by the collision of two lithospheric plates.
Divergent boundary The boundary between two tectonic plates that are moving away from each other.
Transform boundary The boundary between tectonic plates that are sliding past each other horizontally.
Convection currents The movement of matter due to differences in density.
Pangaea He thought that all of the present continents were once joined in a single huge continent.
Hot spot A volcanically active area of Earth's surface far from a tectonic plate boundary?
Volcano A vent or fissure in the Earth's surface through which magma and gases are expelled.
Wegener One scientist who looked at the pieces of this puzzle was Alfred Wegener.
Mid ocean ridge A long undersea mountain chain that forms along the floor of the major oceans.
Vent An opening at the surface of the earth through which volcanic material passes.
When a plate with oceanic crust collides with a plate with continental crust the denser oceanic crust sinks into the Asthenosphere.

Oceania countries and capitals

Country Capital
American Samoa Pago Pago
Fiji Suva
Guam Hagatna
Marshall Islands Majuro
New Caledonia Noumea
Niue Alofi
Northern Mariana Islands Saipan
Pitcairn Islands Adamstown
Solomon Islands Honiara
Tonga Nuku?alofa
Vanuatu Port Vila
Wallis and Futuna Mata-Utu
Australia Canberra
Cook Islands Avarua
French Polynesia Papeete
Kiribati South Tarawa
Micronesia Palikir
Nauru Yaren
New Zealand Wellington
Norfolk Island Kingston
Palau Melekeok
Papua New Guinea Port Moresby
Samoa Apia
Tuvalu Funafuti

materials for class

Question Answer
la mochila back pack
el libro book
el cuaderno note book
la carpeta folder or three ring binder
la hoja de papel sheet of paper
el lapiz pencil
el boligrafo pen
la regla ruler
la computadora computer
la calculadora calculator
el diccionario dictionary
las tijeras scissors
le escritorio teacher desk
le pupitre student desk
le profesor teacher male
la profesora teacher female
el estudiante student male
la estudiante student female
la silla chair
el cartel poster
el sacapuntas pencil sharpener
la bandera flag
la puerta door
la ventana windo
la pizarra whiteboard or chalkboard
el mapa map
el reloj clock
la goma de borrar eraser
la mesa table
la basura trash

law textbook – 2 index

absenteeism – attendance management should be included in the employment manual, and should promote good attendance by identifying and motivating employees with a poor attendance record
accomodation lies in tailoring the workplace to meet the needs of the individual employee
accomodation – employee family status must fulfill obligationsis a protected groud for discriminationmust prove undue hardshipprotects not only the family but also the work life balance
accomodation – employee pregancy and breast-feeding needs temporary accomodations in the workplaceextends to the area of benefits
accomodation – employee religious beliefs and practices things such as dress codes, break policies, work schedules and religious leace
accomodation – employee's obligations with disabilities – providing alternative work
accomodation – employee's obligations with disabilities – requests, handling by employer
accomodation – Honda decision the law of wrongful dismissal with the reformulation when and how Wallace-type damages are awardedreseulted in wallace damages being claimed not as often better reward for loss of reputation or reduction of incomeseparating the claims in categories
administrative agency below tribunals in the administrative hierarchyempowered to investigate complaints, make rulingsissue guidlines and have an educational role
administrative tribunal make decisions in specialized areas, primary juristiction in employment law the exception is common law of wrongful dismissalquasi-judical
adverse impact discrimination constructive discriminationdiscrimination are sometimes hidden or unintentional
adverstising a job
affirmative action
agency/ temp employee
aggravated damages
aggressive recruiting
agreement to vary
attendance management – culpable abseenteeism
attendance management – innocent abseenteeism
attendance management – programs
attendance management – sample letters
attestation clause
accessibility for ontarians with disabilities act (AODA) the goal is to make Ontario fully accessible to people with disabilities by phasing in accessibility standards2005
accessibility for ontarians with disabilities act (AODA) – 5 accessibility standards covering 5 key areas customer service, informationa & communication, employment, transportation, built environment
Integrated Accessibility standards regulation (IASR) informationa & communication, employment, transportation, built environment
accessibility for ontarians with disabilities act (AODA) – 8 requirementscovered by the employment accessibility standard recruitment assessment selectionaccessible formats, communication supports for workersworkplace emergency response info.documented ind. accomodation planreturn to work processperformance managementcareer development, advancementredeployment
accessibility for ontarians with disabilities act (AODA) – written process employers with 50 or more employeesfor the development of documented individual accomodation plans for employees with disabilities
3 factors of accomodation individualization – each person's needs are uniquedignity – accommodated in a manner that most respects their dignityinclusion – job requirements and workplace must be designed with everyone in mind
accomodation – obligations of the employer
accomodation – obligations of the employee
accomodation – obligations of unions
accomodation – legals section 17- you can take the righ away if they cant do the job 100%- not court/tribunal will find a person incapable unless it proves that accomadation till undue hardship occured- must be justifiable and reasonable
risks associated to accomodation other employees see it as favortism instead of accommodationunable to understandassumptions, etc
accomodation – managers/supervisors training – sensitized to the supports requird and the duty to accomodate in preparing & applying its attendance policy- understand the types of accomodation available- test disabled inds. to determine wheither their disability affects their ability to perform
accomodation – providing alternative work
risks associated to accomodation other employees see it as favortism instead of accommodationunable to understandassumptions, etc
accomodation – managers/supervisors training – sensitized to the supports requird and the duty to accomodate in preparing & applying its attendance policy- understand the types of accomodation available- test disabled inds. to determine wheither their disability affects their ability to perform
accomodation – providing alternative work usually with long term employees, accomodation may require the creation of a position
accomodation – employee's obligation to cooperate has to let the employer know about the need for accomodationsduty to cooperate with the accomodation process
accomodation – employees who abouse Drugs and alcohol is a disability in canada by laware entitled to accomodation until undue hardshipemployee should be required to undergo counseling or rehabilitation and never create the impression that it is tolerating the abuse
quasi-judical they observe the rules of procedural fairness and provide a full hearing, but re less formal than courts, and their members areexperts in employment matters
sources of employment law statute lawconstitutional lawcommon law
statute law legislation passed by the governmentlegislation or acts
constitutional law the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
Common law judge-made law
types of bills – public bills (intro in the legislature by the cabenet minister)- private bills (cover non-public matters)- private members' bills (matters of pulic importance, like a public bill but not brought by a cabinet member)
statutory interpretation judges or members of administrative tribunals interpret legislation while adjudicating casestheir are rules and ie mieschief rules
Employment standards act 2000 minimum rights and standards for employees
Human rights code preventing and remedying discrimination and harassment based on specific prohibited grounds
Labour relations act 1995 rights of employees to unionize and collective bargaining process
Occupational health and safety act (OHSA) requirements and responsibilities of parties in creating a safe workplace and preventing workplace injuries and accidents
Workplace safety and insurance act 1997 no-fault insurance plan to compensate workers for work related injuries and diseases, allows employers limited financial exposure to the costs of workplace accidents through a collective funding system
Pay equity act gender discrimination in compensationequal pay for equal work
accessibility for ontarians with disabilities act 2005 provides legal basis for the development of accessibility standards in 5 key areas
federal employment statutes the canadian labour codecanadian human rights actdo not have provincial counter parts in ontario but are relevent to provincially regulated employers
employment equity act requires affirmative aaction initiatives for visible minorities, women, people with disabilities and aboriginal people
personal information protection and electronic documents act (PIPEDA) rules concerning how organizations may collect, use and disclose personal information
the canada pension plan provides qualifying employees with pension benefits on retirement and permanent disability
employment insurance act provides qualifying employees with income replacement during periods of temporary unemployment
the canadian charter of rights and freedoms set out guaranteed rights and freedoms that can affect the workplace whenever government action is involved"supreme law of the land"

9-2 Science

Term Definition
Bacteria Single-cell organism that lack a nucleus ; prokaryote
Flagellum A long, whiplike structure that helps a cell to move.
Binary Fission A form of asexual reproduction in which one cell divides to form two identical cells.
Asexual Reproduction A reproductive process that involves only one parent and produces offspring that are identical to the parent.
Sexual Reproduction A reproductive process that involves two parents that combine their genetic material to produce a new organism, which differs from both parents.
Endospore A small, rounded, thick-walled, resting cell that forms inside a bacterial cell.
Pasteurization A process of heating food to a temperature that is high enough to kill most harmful bacteria without changing the taste of the food.

law text – questions

Question Answer
why are statutes passed because the government decides that employees require protections and rights, minimum standards and conditions
why are statutes amended – change in political party power- demographic shifts/ changing social values- changes in technology
when does a bill become a statute when it receives royal assent
how does a statute come into force – on royal assent- on a particular date- on proclamation
what levels of government can pass employment-related statutes 10 % federal governement90% provincial governmentbylaws – minicipal
what are the 5 keyareas of the accessibility for ontarians with disabilities act, 2005 customer service, information and communications, employment, transportation, and built environment (design of public spaces)
what are the 4 protected groups women, aboriginals, people with disabilities, visible minorites
what are the 2 federal laws that apply to both federally and provincially regulated industries the canada pension planthe employment insurance act
what does the canadan charter rights and freedoms cover freedom of religion, association, and expression; democratic right; mobility rights; legal rights; and equaity rights
how does the charter impact on the private sector employers employees cannot directly use the charter against the employers decision


Term Definition
Cell membrane Membrane that surrounds the cytoplasm of a cell
Cell wall layer on polysaccarides lying outside the plasma membrane of the cells of plants, fungi, and bacteria.
Vacuole space within the cytoplasm of a cell, enclosed by a membrane
Choloplast plastic containing chlorophyll in which phototsynthesis takes place
Mitochondria rod shaped organelles, the power generator of a cell
Endoplasmic reticulum network of membrane tubules inside the cytoplasm of a eukaryotic cell
Nucleus double membraned organelle, in most eukaryotic cells
Nucleolus makes ribsomes and lives in nucleus cells.
Lysosome organelle in the cytoplasm of a eukaryotic cell
Cytoplasm material within a cell
Ribosome particle consisting of RNA and proteins