Forces 2

Question Answer
Name tthree properties of normal force. 1. Resists gravity2. Is perpendicular to the ground3. Only pushes
Name three properties of Applied forces. 1. Push or pull2. Can go in any direction3. Overcomes friction
Name three properties of friction forces. 1. Affected by surface2. Resists motion3. Has 2 types – static and sliding
Name three properties of gravitational forces. 1. Direction is always down2. Attracts any 2 objects3. No poles4. Only attracts
Name three properties of electrical forces. 1. Circuit/charge2. Has conductors3. Can turn on or off4. can change poles
Name three properties of magnetic forces. 1. Attracts metal2. Has fixed poles3. Has areas of strength and weakness
Name three properties of contact forces. 1. Require direct contact2. Visible3. More mass more force4. Less distance more force5. No fields
Name three properties of action at a distance forces. 1. Can change motion2. Invisible3. More mass more force4. Less distance more force5.Have fields6. Cause a gradual decrease

Times and Dates

Question Answer
What time is it? Wie spA¤t ist es? … Wie viel Uhr ist es?
It is 12:00 Es ist zwA¶lf Uhr.
It is ten minutes before eight. Es ist zehn vor acht.
It is 20 past 4. Es ist zwanzig nach vier.
It is quarter to 11. Es ist Viertel vor elf.
It is quarter past three Es ist Viertel nach drei.
Half an hour before seven Es ist halb sieben … there is no half past in German
29.30 Uhr zwanzig Uhr dreiA?ig
18.45 Uhr achtzehn Uhr fA?nfundvierzig
What time does the movie start? Um wie viel Uhr beginnt der Film?
At four ten pm Um sechzehn Uhr zehn.

JL???3?-2 AmericanCal

Question Answer
Mark Twain ??.??(????)
birthplace n. ???;??
Florida n. ?????(??????);?????(????)
bring up ??;??;??;??
Hannibal n. ???(????)
Missouri n. ????(????)
Mississippi n. ?????;?????(????)
novel n. ??;????adj. ???;???
boyhood n. ????
adventure n. ??;??
Tom Sawyer n. ?????(??)
Huckleberry Finn ???????(??)
phrase n. ??;??;???
fathom n. ????(???)
author n. ??;??
Samuel Langhorne Clemens ???.????????(??)
scene n. (??)??;??;??;??
narrator n. ???,???
Roderick n. ????(??)
Oliver n. ???(??)
bet n. ?;??vt. & vt. ??;??
make a bet ??
penniless adj. ???;?????
wander vi. ??;??;??
pavement n. ???
businessman n. ??
permit vt. & vi. ??;??;??n. ???;???;??
ahead adv. ??;??;??
go ahead ??;(?????)??;???
by accident ??;???;???
bay n. ??
stare vi. ??;???
stare at ???;??
nightfall n. ??
fault n. ??;??;??
spot vt. ??;??n. ??;??;??
passage n. ??(????);??;(?)?
unpaid adj. ????;?????
account vi. & vt. ??;??;???n. ??;??;??;??
account for ??;????
embassy n. ???;??????
seek vt. & vi. (sought, sought) ??;??;??
patience n. ??;??
contrary n. ??;???adj. ???;???
on the contrary ????;???
charity n. ??(??);??
envelope n. ??
unbelievable adj. ?????
Horace n. ???(??)
steak n. (?????)??;??;??
pineapple n. ??
dessert n. ????
amount n. ??
take a chance ??
rude adj. ???;???
manner n. ??;??;??
scream vi. ???n. ???;???
genuine adj. ??;???
issue vt. & vi. ??(???);??(??);??(???)
fake n. ??;??adj. ??
rag n. ??;??
in rags ????
indeed adv. ???;??;??
as for ??;??
bow vi. & n. ??;??
barber n. ???
astronomy n. ???
astronomer n. ????
solar adj. ???;???
system n. ??;??;??
solar system ???
religion n. ??;????
theory n. ??;??
Big Bang ?????;?????
atom n. ??
billion pron. & n. & adj.<?>??;<?>??
globe n. ??;???;??
global adj. ????;????
violent adj. ???;???;???
in time ??;??
carbon n. ?
nitrogen n. ?
vapour n. ??;???
atmosphere n.???;??
unlike prep. ??;??
fundamental adj. ???;???
presence n. ??;??;??
dissolve vt. & vi. ??;??
harmful adj. ???
acid n. ?
chain n. ??;??;??
reaction n. ??;??
multiply vi. & vt. ?;??
oxygen n. ?
shellfish n.??????
amphibian n. ????
reptile n. ????;??
lay eggs ??
dinosaur n. ??
exist vi. ??;??
mammal n. ????
give birth to ??;??
thus adv. ??;??
in one’s turn ????;??
dioxide n. ????
carbon dioxide ????
prevent … from ??;??
puzzle n. ?;??vt. & vi. (?)??;(?)??
biology n. ???
biologist n. ????
gravity n. ????;??
satellite n. ??;????
gentle adj. ???;???
geologist n. ????
physicist n. ????
block out ??(??)
extinct adj. ???;???
climate n. ??
comet n. ??
crash vi. & vt. ??;??
Isaac Newton ???.??(?????)
Albert Einstein ????.????(???????)
Stephen Hawking ???.??(?????)
spaceship n. ????
pull n. & vt. ?(?);?;???
lessen vi. & vt. ??;??
cheer up ????;????
float vi. & vt. (?)??;(?)??n. ???
weightlessly adv. ???
cabin n. ??;??
mass n. ??;?;?;??;<?>??
now that ??
get the hang of ??;??;??
break out ??;??
exhaust vt. ??;??;?????
watch out ????;??;??
multicultural adj. ?????
quiz ??;????
Canadian n. ????adj. ????;?????
Vancouver n. ???(?????)
Toronto n. ???(?????)
Calgary n. ????(?????)
Ottawa n. ???(?????)
beaver n. ??
grizzly n. (???)??adj. ???;????
polar adj. ???;????
penguin n. ??
prime adj. ???;???;???
minister n. ??;??
prime minister ??;??
governor n. ??;??
rather than ??;??
continent n. ?;??
baggage n. ??
chat vi. & n. ??;??
scenery n. ??;??
eastward adv. ??adj. ???;???
westward adv. ??adj. ???;????
upward adv. ???;???adj. ???;???
surround vt. & vi. ??;??
the Rocky Mountains ????
Harbour n. (harbor) ??
measure vi. & vt. ??;??;??n.???;????;??
aborad prep. & adv. ??????????????
settle down ??;????;???
manage to do ???
catch sight of ??;??
eagle n. ?
stampede n. (????????)??????
cowboy n. ??;??
have a gift for ?……???
within prep. ?……??
border n. ??;??;??vt. & vi. ?……??;??
slight adj. ???;???
slightly adv. ??;???
acre n. ??
urban adj. ???;???
Thunder Bay ???
Lake Superior ?????
location n. ??;??
the Vatican City Sate ?????
topic n. ??
mix vt. & vi. ??;??
mixture n. ??(?);????
bush n. ??(?);??(?)
maple n. ?;??
frost n. ?;??
confirm vt. ??;??;??
wealthy adj. ???
distance n. ??;??
in the distance ???
mist n. ??
misty adj. ????;???
Niagara n. ????(?;??)
schoolmate n. ??;??
booth n. ?????;??;???
downtown adj. ???adv. ???;???
pearl n. ??
Cantonese n. & adj. ???(?);???(?);???(?)
approximately adv. ??;??
dawn n. ??;??;??
workplace n. ????;????
buffet n. ???;????
broad adj. ???;???
St Lawrence River ?????
nearby adv. ???adj. ???;???
tradition n. ??;??
terrify vt . ???;??
terrified adj. ???;????
pleased adj. ???;???;???
impress vt. ?????;???
impressive adj. ???????;???


Question Answer
das Buch êíèãà
das Heft òåòðàäü
die Schultasche ïîðòôåëü
das Mappchen ïåíàë
der Radiergummi ëàñòèê
der Spitzer òî÷èëêà
der Kuli øàðèêîâàÿ ðó÷êà
die Mappe ïàïêà
das Lineal ëèíåéêà
der Block áëîêíîò
der Malkasten êîðîáêà ñ êðàñêàìè
die Schere íîæíèöû
der Pinsel êèñòî÷êà
der Bleistift ïðîñòîé êàðàíäàø
der Buntstift öâåòíîé êàðàíäàø
der Fuller ïåðüåâàÿ ðó÷êà
der Klebestift êëåé

ReadRallyCodeofhonor Readers rally questions for the book "code of honor"

Question Answer
What is the name of Kamaran's brother? Darius Smith
What was spray painted across the front of the Smith house? TERRORISTS
What was the name of Hagan's older brother? Conor
Who was Kamaran's best friend? Adam Collier
Who were the two characters of Kamaran and Darius' never-ending game? Rostam and Siyavash
Where was Kamaran applying to? West Point
What were the names of the guns Kamaran's team was using? Uzi
What was the target of the Black Widow? The Super Bowl
Where was the Super Bowl being held? The University of Phoenix
Who is the Black Widow? Bashira Ansari
Who was believed to be leading all of the terrorist attacks? Haydar Ansari
Who was the traitor? Jimmy
Who was Bashira Ansari posing as? Emily Reed
What was the misderection of the Super Bowl plan? The Women's World Cup
Where was Darius captured? Afghanistan
Where had Darius been kept the whole time? Supersition Mountain
What did Kamaran shoot at to try to open the door? The keypad

Lektion 26 Wiederholung

Question Answer
lachen smijati se
komisch smijesno
zum lachen bringen nasmijati
durchschnittlich prosjecno
lustig smijesan, veseo
beleidigen vrijedati
geschmacklos neukusno
sich wundern cuditi se
ubertreiben pretjerivati
vorkommen dogadati se
eifersuchtig ljubomoran, zavidan
einsam usamljen
zornig gnjevan
zufrieden zadovoljan
verzweifelt ocajan
besorgt zabrinut
uberrascht iznenaden
wutend ljut

American History qiu American History qiuz

Question Answer
The ( ) occupied the Americas PRIOR to the Europeans coming? Native Americans
The Native Americans first treated the Europeans ( ) when they arrived in the Americas. friendly
The Native Americans introduced ( ) to the Europeans. corn, tomatoes, and tobacco
Most Native Americans that survived European exploration were forced to move ( ). west
The ( ) colony was established by the Pilgrims in 1620 in Massachusetts. Plymouth
The signers of the Mayflower Compact agree to ( ). Make and obey laws for the good of the colony
The middle colonies were known as the “Breadbasket” colonies because they produced: Wheat, Ray, and Barley
( ) was known as the “lost colony.” Roanoke
The first successful cash crop in Jamestown was ( ) in 1612. Tobacco
The reasons for European Exploration can be explained by: God, Gold, and Glory.
The middle colonies were known for growing ( ) while the southern colonies were better known for growing ( ). Bread grains; Tobacco, sugar, and rice "Cash crops".
Georgia was founded as a place where ( ) from England could make a new start in life. Debtors
( ) was the first successful colony to develop within the New World. Jamestown
John Smith saved Jamestown by: Mandating “No work, No food”.
The ( ) was the first form of representative government in the English colonies in 1619 in Virginia. House of Burgesses
( ) were large estates farmed by slaves Plantations
More manufacturing was done in the ( ) colonies than any other group of colonies. Large amounts of cloth, woolens, flour, guns, wagons, tools and various iron products were manufactured there. Middle
The theory that a colony exists in order to make the home country wealthy and powerful is called ( ). Mercantilism
William Penn founded the colony of ( ). Pennsylvania
Plantations were found in the ( ). Southern Colonies
( ) is the transfer of ideas, people, and products between the two hemispheres. The Columbian Exchange
New England Colonies Massachsetts(1620), New Hampshire(1622), Connecticut(1636), Rhode Island(1636)
Middle Colonies Pennsylvania(1682), New York(1624), New Jursey(1664), Delaware(1638)
South Colonies Georgia(1732), South Carolina(1719), North Carolina(1712), Virginia(1607), Maryland(1634)
Massachusetts William Bradford and John Winthrop
New Hampshire Ferdinando Gorges and John Mason
Connecticut Thomas Hooker
Rhode Island Roger Williams
New York Peter Minuit
Delaware Swedish Settlers
New Jersey John Berkeley and George Carteret
Pennsylvania William Penn
Virginia John Smith
Marland Lord Baltimore
North Carolina Group of eight proprietors
South Carolina Group of eight proprietors

Spanish – AR Verbs

Question Answer
hablar to speak
cantar to sing
nadar to swim
escuchar to listen to
bailar to dance
estudiar to study
comprar to buy
trabajar to work
preparar to prepare
caminar to walk
desear to want
llevar to wear
llorar to cry
tocar to play
visitar to visit
saludar to greet
mirar to look at
contestar to answer
cocinar to bake
saltar to jump

Kitani P1 L13 The Kitani Method Main Text Part 1 Word List for Lesson 12

English Kana Kanji
about/approximately ??? ???
around ?? ?
ask for ??? ??
baggage ??? ??
be attached ????? ?????
be broken ?????? ?????
be open ????? ?????
brochure ?????? ??????
budget ??? ??
carry ??? ??
color ?? ?
convenience store ???? ????
discount ???? ??
exchange rate ?????? ?????
for the first time ???? ???
half ???? ??
home-delivery service
how to
in the middle of
Japanese style inn
less than
let know
lose one's way
on foot
per one night's stay
place to see
Room 901
something shuts
something starts
say for 2 nights
stay overnight
the following
twin room
upper level
Well then
Western-style dish
when, if, or after
about ??????? ???????

mi familia

Question Answer
what is friend in spanish? mi amigo
what is my brother in spanish? mi hermano
what is my sister in spanish? mi hermana
what is my mother in spanish? mi madre
what is my father in spanish? mi padre
what is my parents in spanish? mis padres
what is my grandparents in spanish? mis abuelos