Lesson 14 Vocabulary

Question Answer
automobile a self-propelled vehicle (as opposed to a horse-drawn carriage)
autograph a signature written by one's own hand
automat a type of restaurant with self-serve food, using coin machines
autobiography the written story of the author's own life
autoharp a zither or harp that plays its own chords
autopilot a control or gear that enables a plane to steer itself
automatic self-acting; mechanical; spontaneous
autocrat a tyrant or dictator; one who rules by himself
autobiographer one who writes his or her own life story
autohypnosis self-induced hypnosis

chapter 9-2 science

Term Definition
bacteria the genetic material in their cells is not contained in a nucleus.
flagllum A long whiplike structure that helps a cell to move.
binary fission binary fission is in which one cell divides to form to identical cells.
Asexual reproduction Asexual reproduction is a reproductive process that involves only one parent and produces offspring that are identical to the parent.
sexual reproduction are two parents combine their genetic material to produce a new organism.
endospore endospore is a small rounded thick walled resting cell that forms a bacteria cell.
pasteurization Pasteurization is the process of heat processing a liquid or a food to kill pathogenic to make the food safe to eat.

Constitution exam Study for you Constitution test using these cards!

Question Answer
What form of government was the basis for the government created by the delegates at the Constitutional convention? A Republic
What is the main idea of the Preamble? To list the functions and reasons for the government as created by the Constitution.
Congress' main job is… (According to the actual Constitution) "All legislative powers…shall be vested in Congress"
What does a "bi-cameral legislature" or two house Congress allow for? – a house based on population- a senate with equal votes per state – a balance between large and small states
What are the steps in how a bill becomes a law? 1. Introduced in the House or Senate2. Discussed and voted on3. If passed, goes to Congress to be voted on.4. Bill is then passed by both House and Senate
What does the 8th amendment say? You cannot receive excessive bail or cruel and unusual punishment
Serving on a jury and voting in elections are both responsibilities of: American citizens
Once approved by Congress, what are the final steps a bill takes to become a law? Either:- the President signs it and it becomes a law OR- if the President vetoes the bill, the Congress can override the veto with a 2/3 majority vote.
How many states are needed to ratify, or approve any new amendment to the constitution? 38
What do the 15th 19th and 26th amendments have in common? The all deal with suffrage (voting rights)
Who's job in the state of Illinois serves a similar function to that of the U.S. President? Governor
The court system has the power of judicial review…what is this power? To look over laws and actions and decide if they are constitutional
The Bill of Rights (the first 10 Amendments) addresses the rights of who? The American people and the states
Where does the power "rest" or lie in "popular sovereignty?" The PEOPLE
Congress creating a draft to get soldiers during the Vietnam War is an example of what in the Constitution? The elastic clause ("necessary and proper law needed)
How are Senators and Representatives elected compared to the President? President: Electoral CollegeSenators & Representatives: people (voters)
What government body is responsible for determining the guilt or innocence in an impeachment trial? The Senate
If you are accused of a crime in Illinois, in what court would your case begin? Circuit court
Does the president have the power to impeach a federal official? No
Why is the Senate considered a more stable body than the House of Representatives? The senators serve longer terms (6 years) and the senate is a "continuous body."
What are the three main parts of the Constitution? The Preamble, the Articles, and the Amendments
What are the five freedoms provided for in the First amendment? Religion, speech, press, assembly, petition
In a federal case, who would be the first court to review your case if you were convicted in District court? Appellate court
Why does the state control things like ages for driving and drinking, but not the age to vote in a national election? -to keep the national government from becoming too powerful- because the Constitution gives satiates the power to govern themselves, but the US sets some laws for the whole nation.(Concept of federalism)
Why is the Constitution called the "supreme law of the land?" Because it is the highest form of law in the U.S. and federal law is higher than state law.
What is the purpose of our systems of having three separate branches of government? To prevent one branch from having too much power, to ensure equality among the branches, and to prevent corruption
The Executive Branch "executes" the law? What is another word for execute when used in this way? Carry out, enforce, apply
Why did the constitution give the congress the power to declare war, but make the President the Commander in chief? To help the military act quickly with one leader, to give Americans a say in such a big issue like war through Congress, and to keep the balance of power.
What are some powers of the President? To veto, to serve as commander in chief, to serve as the chief executive
The judicial branch "interprets" the laws. What does this mean? They are responsible to decide the meaning of laws.
How is the number of Electors each state gets determined? The number if senators + the number of House of Representatives it gets. I.e. Illinois gets 2 (senators) + 18 (House of Representatives) = 20 Electoral votes
What are some synonyms for amended? Changed, edited
What does the "right of assembly" in the first amendment mean? All groups have the right to assemble as long as they do so peacefully.
What is the one privilege you get in this country if you are a natural born citizen that you don't get if you are naturalized citizen? You can be President
What is the only government body that can introduce tax bills (revenue bills that raise money) The House of Representatives
What Illinois governing body serves the same role as the U.S. Congress? The General Assembly

Unit 2 Week 3 Vocab 4th Grade Reading Street Vocabulary Unit 2 Week 3

Term Definition
aboard on board; in or on a ship, train, bus, airplane, etc
atlas book of maps
awkward not graceful or skillful in movement or shape; not easily managed
capable able to do something
chant to call over and over again
mechanical like a machine; automatic; without expression
miracle a wonderful happening that is contrary to or independent of the known laws of nature
reseats sits again
vehicle device for carrying people or things, such as a car, bus, airplane, etc.

Ninjago origins

Question Answer
Who is the first character to say a line in the entire TV program of Ninjago? Kai. ("To force a perfect weapon, you first need the right metal and plenty of heat.")
What profession was Kai's father associated with? A blacksmith.
What was the first thing Sensei Wu noticed when he entered the blacksmith shop? That all of the weapons and armor were meant for a samurai and not for a ninja.
What was the enemy for this time period (2011)? A skeleton army.
What was this enemy after? A map to the Golden Weapons of Spinjitzu.
What else did they get after the battle? Kai's sister, Nya.

JL???3?-1 AmericanCal

Question Answer
take place ??
beauty ?;??
harvest ??;??
celebration ??;??
starve (?)??;????
origin ??;??;??
religious ????;?????;???
seasonal ???;????
ancestor ??;??
Obon (??)????
grave ??;??
incense ??;????
in memory of ??;??
Mexico ???(??????)
feast ??;??
skull ??;??
bone ?;??
Halloween ?????;?????
belief ??;??;??
dress up ??;??;??
trick ??;???;??
play a trick on ????;??;???
poet ??
Columbus Day ????
arrival ??;??;???
Christopher Columbus ?????????
gain ??;??
independence ??;??
independent ???;???
gather ??;??;??
agriculture ??;??;??
agricultural ???;???
award ?;?? ??;??
produce ??;(??)???
rooster ??;??
admire ??;??;??
energetic ?????;?????;???
look forward to ??;??;??
carnival ???;(?????)????;???(?)
lunar ??;???;???
Easter (??)???
parade ??;??;??
day and night ??;??;??
clothing ??
Christian ???;?? ????;?????
Jesus ??
cherry ??;???
blossom ? ,??
as though ??
have fun with ????
custom ??;??
worldwide ??????;????
rosebud ????
fool ??;??;??? ;??;?? ;???;??? ;??
necessity ???;??
permission ??;??
predection ??;??;??
fashion ??;??;??
Trinidad ?????
Carla ??(??)
Hari ??(??)
parking (???)??
parking lot ???
Valentine's Day ?????;???
turn up ??;??
keep one's word ???;????
hold one's breath ??;??
apologize ??;??
drown ??;??;??
sadness ??;??
obvious ???;?????
wipe ?;?;??
weave(wove woven) ??;(?)????
herd ??;??
the Milky Way ??
magpie ??
weep ??;?? ;?;??
announcer ???;???;???
set off ??;??;???
remind ??;???
remind..of.. ?..??..
forgive(forgave forgiven) ??;??
Diet n. ????vi. ??
spaghetti n. ???????
nut n. ??;??
muscle n. ??;(??)??
protective adj. ?????;???
bean n. ?;????
pea n. ??
cucumber n. ??
eggplant n. ??
pepper n. ??;???
mushroom n. ??
peach n. ??
loemn ??
balance vt. ??;??n. ??;??
balanced diet ????
barbecue vt. & n. ??;??
mutton n. ??
kebab n. (??)?????;??????
roast adj. ???vt. & vi. ?;?;??
stir vt. ??;??
fry vt. & vi. ??;??
stir-fry vt. ????(????)
ought v. aux. ??;??
ought to ??;??
bacon n. ???;??
cola n. ????
sugary adj. ???;??
sign n. ??;??;??
lose weight ????;??
slim vi. ??;??adj. ???;???
curiosity n. ???
hostess n. ???;????
raw adj. ??;????
vinegar n. ?
get away with ???;(???)????
lie n. ??;??vi. ??
tell a lie ??
customer n. ??;???
discount n. ??
win … back ??;????
weakness n. ??;??;??
strength n. ??;??;??
consult vt. ??;??;??
fibre n. ??;????
digest vi. & vt. ??n. ??;??
poisonous adj. ???
carrot n. ???
scurvy n. ???
rickets n. ???
obesity n. ????
vitamin n. ???
protein n. ???
earn one’s living ??
debt n. ?;??
in debt ??
glare vi. ????;??n. ??;????
spy vi. & vt. ??;????n. ??;??
spy on ????;??
limit vt. ??;??n. ??;??
limited adj. ???
benefit n. ??;??vt. & vi. ???;???;??
breast n. ??;??
garlic n. ??
sigh vi. ??;??n. ??;???
combine vt. & vi. (?)??;(?)??
cut down ??;??
before long ????
put on weight ????
cooperation n. ??;??
ingredient n. (????)??;??;??
flavour n. (???)?????;??

TorinNov20 spell

Question Answer
Thirty T H I R T Y
Dirty D I R T Y
Circular C I C U L A R
Twirl T W I R L
Squirm S Q U I R M
Squirt S Q U I R T
Swirl S W I R L
Confirm C O N F I R M
Return R E T U R N
Certain C E R T A I N
Camera C A M E R A
Understand U N D E R S T A N D
Afterward A F T E R W A R D
Perfect P E R F E C T
Nurses N U R S E S
Blur B L U R
Curl C U R L
Curve C U R V E
Further F U R T H E R
Turtle T U R T L E

Unit 2 S.S. European Explorers and the Slave Trade

Question Answer
Conquistador a conquerer, especially one of the 16th century Spanish soldiers who defeated the Indian Civilization of Mexico, Central America, or Peru
cultural diversity a society where groups of people with different customs, beliefs, arts, and way of life live together
culture the beliefs, customs, arts, way of life of a particular society, group, place, or time
demographics data about population characteristics
encomienda a grant by the Spanish King under which a Spanish soldier or colonist was granted a piece of land or a village together with its Native American population
ethnic group a group sharing a common and distinctive culture, religion, or environment before exploration by Europeans
immune cannot be affected by disease
indigenous population people already living in a particular region or environment before exploration by Europeans
Ladinos a mix of mestizos and Spanish peoples
Mestizos people of mixed Native American and European, usually Spanish and Portuguese, ancestry
Middle Passage the forced voyage of enslaved Africans across the Atlantic Ocean to the Americas
New World North America, Mesoamerica, the Caribbean,and South America
Northwest Passage a route by sea between the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans along the northern coast of North America
pandemic a disease occurring over a wide geographic area and affecting a very high number of people
polytheism belief in many gods
slavery a system under which people are treated as property to be bought and sold, and are forced to work
turning point a moment when the course of events is changed or a significant change occurs
ethnic defined by the food, language, and cultural traditions of a particular group making it different and unique from others
What was the population before the Spanish conquest? Indigenous people- Aztecs
What was the geographic location before the Spanish conquest? Central MexicoCapital: Tenochtitlan
What was the language before the Spanish conquest? Pictorial language – glyphsSpoken Language – Nahuatlan
What was the religion before the Spanish conquest? PoytheisticImpersonalization of deities which ended in human sacrifices
What was the technological achievements before the Spanish conquest? 365 day calendar which followed the agricultural yearAgricultutal achievements – terracing, chinampassystems of roads, and canalsarchitecture and engineering of temples
What was the population after the Spanish conquest? Indigenous people – AztecsLadinos
What was the geographic location after the Spanish conquest? Cortes destroyed Tenochtitlan and rebuilt a Spanish city now known as Mexico City
What was the language after the Spanish conquest? SpanishNative people were banned from learning to read and write in Spanish
What was the religion after the Spanish conquest? Cortes banned human sacrificesconverted to christianity by missionaries
What were the technological achievements after the Spanish Conquest? Lack of achievementsforced to work in an encomienda system
What year was the Spanish conquest? 1519
Who conquered the Aztecs? Hernan Cortes
What are items the Europeans introduced to the Native Americans? Livestock, diseases, grains, citrus fruits, bananas, sugar cane, honey bees, grapes, onions, olives, turnips, coffee beans, peaches, pears
What are items the Native Americans introduced to the Europeans? Squash, pumpkins, turkeys, peanuts, potatoes, tomatoes, maize, sweet potatoes, peppers, tobacco, pineapples, cacao , beans, vanilla
Between which continents did the Columbian exchange of people, goods, and other items take place? Europe and Africa to North America
When did the Columbian Exchange take place? 1492 after Christopher Columbus' first voyage to the Americas
Besides food and animals, what dreadful thing was brought to the Americas by the Europeans? Diseases
How were the Native Americans affected by the diseases brought over by the Europeans? Many of the Native Americans died
British Colonies in 1750 Ruperts Land, Thirteen Colonies, New Foundling
Danish Colonies in 1750 Greenland
Dutch Colonies in 1750 Dutch Guiania
French Colonies in 1750 North America, Louisiana, New France
Portugese Colonies in 1750 South America, Brazil
Russian Colonies in 1750 Alaska
Spanish Colonies in 1750 New Spain, New Granada, Peru, La Plata

L:7 abbreviations

Term Definition
GU Genitourinary
UA Urinalysis
SG Specific gravity
KUB Kidney ureter bladder
UTI Urinary tract infection
TURP Transurethral resection of prostate
Abd Abdomen
BPH Benign prostate hyperplasia
GFR Glomerular filtration rate
PKU Phenylketonuria
IVP Intravenous pyelogram
BUN Blood urea nitrogen
ESRD End stage renal disease
I & O Intake and output
PI Present illness
Cysto Crystoscope
RUQ Right upper quadrant
RLQ Right lower quadrant
LUQ Left upper quadrant
LLQ Left lower quadrant
CPK Creatine phosphokinase
PSA Prostate surface antigen
GC Gonorrhea culture
C/S Culture and sensitivity

BIS week 2

Question Answer
Characteristics of Valuable Information Accessible. Accurate. Relevant. Reliable. Secure. Simply. Timely
Accessible Right format at the right time
Accurate There is no errors
Relevant Correct information for the decision maker
Secure Cannot be accessed by unauthorised users
Simple To the point
Timely Delivered when it is needed
What is an information system? Collects (input0, manipulates (processing0, store and disseminate(output) data and information.
Efficiency of an IS system is measured on : Cost, Time and use of resources.
Effectiveness of an IS system is measured on: Supporting business strategies, enabling business processes, enhancing organisational structure and culture. and increasing business value.
Qualities of a system analysis problem solver and communicator
Stage 1 of the System development cycle identifying problems, opportunities and objectives. Critical to the success of the project. avoids time wasting. looking at whats happening in the business. discover what the business wants to do,
stage 2 of the system development cycle determining human information requirements. interviews, sampling, what users need to perform.thier jobs, how is the system useul.
state 3 of the system development cycle Analysing System needs;. special tools and techniques help the analyst to determine what the requirements are. prepares system proposal summaries
stage 4 of the system development cycle designing the recommended system. logical design of system based on information gathered. designing databases used by decision maker. design controls to protect the system. and specific programmes.
stage 5 of the system development cycle developing and documenting the system. programmes and analyst works together to develop and original software. programmers design, code and remove any errors from the program.
stage 6 testing and maintaining the system.. less costly to spot a problem early. some testing by programmers, some by analysts works with programmers. maintenance begins
stage 7 implementing and evaluating the system. training users to handle the sytem.
Organisational Change Any change in technology, people, task or structure will necessitate a change in the other three.
Technology Acceptance Model TAM theorises how users come to accept and use a technology.
Competitive Advantage Significant and long term benefit to a company over its competition. results in better quality and customer service.
Strategic Alignment Model implication of IT. role of senior management. IT organisation.
who is in charge of IS Chief information officer. highest hierarchical IT manager. controls information flow. creates competitive advantage. leadership. management skills. strategic value. technology brought under control.
Porters Five Forces Rivalry among competitors. Threat of new entrants. threat of sub products. bargaining power of buyers. bargaining power of suppliers.
Business Value measuring and communicating value continues to be a challenge. traditional metrics are focused on reducing costs rather than value. link between financial and function may be difficult to show.
IT business value needed