????????1-2? AmericanCal

Question Answer
26. – Is the girl____is interviewing the manager of that company your friend? -Yes, she is a journalist from CCTV.(A. which B. whom C. who) C
27. – That’s the man____found my handbag. – Really? We should say thanks to him.(A. who B. whom C. which) A
28. Betty is the only one____I'll invite to my birthday party.(A. that B. whose C.which) A
29. – Do you know the girl____father owns a company? – Yes. She is my classmate.(A. who B. whose C.that) B
30. There is nothing____I want to say. You can do as you like.(A. that B. which C. what) A
31. There are some styles of music____the same origin, Blues, jazz and rock all come from the United States.(A. that has B. which has C. which have) C
32. My father and I used to have a lot of conversations through I learned lessons from his experiences.(A. that B. which C. what) B
33. The earth is the only planet____is not named after any god.(A. which B. what C. that) C
34. This is the pan____ I cooked fish. (A. that B. where C. in that) B
35. The Project Hope,____started many years ago, has helped a large number of children in poor areas(A. that B. which C. who) B
36. – Is this the watch ____he is looking now? -Sure, he must be very happy!(A. which B. for that C. for which) C
37. Is this museum____ you visited a few days ago?(A. where B. that C. the one) C
38. Is this the museum____the exhibition was held?(A. where B. that C. which) A
39. This is the house____I lived ten years ago, and now it is old.( A. in that B. where C. at which) B
40. The plane____ we flew to Canada is very comfortable.( A. where B. in which C. which) B
41. The time____ we spent together was so beautiful.(A. when B. which C. where) B
42. The reason____ he refused the invitation is not clear.(A. for that B. in which C. for which) C
43. There is little____ I can do for you.(A. which B. that C. A and B) B
44. I know the reason___he explained at the meeting.(A. why B. for that C. that) C
45. I'm one of the boys____never late for school.(A. that is B. who are C. who is) B
46. The house ____wall was broken has now been repaired.(A. who's B. whose C. of that) B
47. The second book____ I want to read is Travels in China.(A. which B. what C. that) C
48. The old man ____yesterday is a famous computer scientist.(A. whom I spoke B. I spoke to C. that I spoke to him) B
49. The only language____is easy to learn is the mother tongue. (A. that B. which C. what) A
50. This is the most expensive MP4____ is in the shop. (A. which B. that C. who) B

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