Audie Murphy

Question Answer
Military Service Number 01 692 509
Enlisted dates 30 June 1942-13 October 1944
Commissioned Officer dates 14 October 1944-21 September 1945
Company in AIT K Company, 385th Infantry @ Ft George G Meade
Fought in how many Major Campaigns? 9
When did James Cagney invite Audie to Hollywood September 1945 after seeing him on the cover of Time magazine
First staring role? 1945 Bad Boys released by Allied Artists
Who was he contracted with in 1950? Universal International where he started in 26 films, over 15 years
What is HELOS Health Executive Leadership Orgaization
What is mission command
5 Parts to NCOER I-Administrative DataII-Authentication III-Duty Description IV-Performance Evaluation, Perfessionalism, Attributes & Competencies V-Senior Rater Overall Potential

HS Vocab 2 HS Vocab 2 Book I

Term Definition
amuse to hold the attention of someone
cling to adhere closely to
comical amusing, funny
convert to change into a different form
defect a shortcoming, fault or imperfection
energetic possessing or showing energy
imagination action of producing ideas or mental images of what is not present
improvise to make or provide from whatever materials are readily available
persistence act of persisting; to continue
provoke to anger, to exasperate or stir-up

Med Term Final

Question Answer
Eponym Term from the name of a person
Greek and Latin Built from Greek and Latin words
Acronyms Terms from the first letters of words/phrases
Modern Language Derived from English Language
Anterior (Ant) Front
Posterior Back
Dorsal Back
Ventral Front Belly
Superior Above
Inferior Below
Proximal Near point of attachment
Distal Away from point of attachment
Cuadad Toward the tail
Lateral Pertaining to the side
Medial Pertaining to the middle
Unilateral One side
Bilateral Two sides
Mediolateral Middle and side
Body Planes Frontal, sagittal (midsagittal, parasagittal), transverse
Frontal(coronal place) Divides the body into anterior and posterior portions(Vertical plane from side to side)
Sagittal Dividing the body into right and left halfs
Parasagittal Dividing the body into unequal left and right portions
Midsagittal Dividing into equal right and left halfs at the midline
Transverse Dividing the body into superior and inferior portions
What are the 4 Abdominopelvic Quadrants RUQ, LUQ, RLQ, LLQ
SUP Superior
Med Medial
Lat Lateral
LLQ Left Lower Quadrant
Ant Anterior
Inf Inferior
PA Posteroanterior
AP Anteroposterior
RUQ Right Upper Quadrant
CXR Chest radiograph
Psuedo False
Micro Small
Chol/e Gall bile
Azot/o Urea, nitrogen
Wood root Core of the word ( fundamental meaning of term)
Suffix End of the term
Prefix Added to the beginning of a wood root to modify the meaning

chemia pierwiastki

Question Answer
wodor H
sod Na
potas K
magnez Mg
wapn Ca
zelazo Fe
miedz Cu
cynk Zn
brom Br
srebro Ag
zloto Au
rtec Hg
olow Pb
cyna Sn
wegiel C
tlen O
azot N
fluor F
glin Al
siarka S
fosfor P
chlor Cl
jod J
hel He
neon Ne
krzem Si
woda H2O
dwutlenek wegla CO2

????????1-2? AmericanCal

Question Answer
26. – Is the girl____is interviewing the manager of that company your friend? -Yes, she is a journalist from CCTV.(A. which B. whom C. who) C
27. – That’s the man____found my handbag. – Really? We should say thanks to him.(A. who B. whom C. which) A
28. Betty is the only one____I'll invite to my birthday party.(A. that B. whose C.which) A
29. – Do you know the girl____father owns a company? – Yes. She is my classmate.(A. who B. whose C.that) B
30. There is nothing____I want to say. You can do as you like.(A. that B. which C. what) A
31. There are some styles of music____the same origin, Blues, jazz and rock all come from the United States.(A. that has B. which has C. which have) C
32. My father and I used to have a lot of conversations through I learned lessons from his experiences.(A. that B. which C. what) B
33. The earth is the only planet____is not named after any god.(A. which B. what C. that) C
34. This is the pan____ I cooked fish. (A. that B. where C. in that) B
35. The Project Hope,____started many years ago, has helped a large number of children in poor areas(A. that B. which C. who) B
36. – Is this the watch ____he is looking now? -Sure, he must be very happy!(A. which B. for that C. for which) C
37. Is this museum____ you visited a few days ago?(A. where B. that C. the one) C
38. Is this the museum____the exhibition was held?(A. where B. that C. which) A
39. This is the house____I lived ten years ago, and now it is old.( A. in that B. where C. at which) B
40. The plane____ we flew to Canada is very comfortable.( A. where B. in which C. which) B
41. The time____ we spent together was so beautiful.(A. when B. which C. where) B
42. The reason____ he refused the invitation is not clear.(A. for that B. in which C. for which) C
43. There is little____ I can do for you.(A. which B. that C. A and B) B
44. I know the reason___he explained at the meeting.(A. why B. for that C. that) C
45. I'm one of the boys____never late for school.(A. that is B. who are C. who is) B
46. The house ____wall was broken has now been repaired.(A. who's B. whose C. of that) B
47. The second book____ I want to read is Travels in China.(A. which B. what C. that) C
48. The old man ____yesterday is a famous computer scientist.(A. whom I spoke B. I spoke to C. that I spoke to him) B
49. The only language____is easy to learn is the mother tongue. (A. that B. which C. what) A
50. This is the most expensive MP4____ is in the shop. (A. which B. that C. who) B

Inside the earth

Term Definition
Crust The crust is less than 1%of earths mass and is 5to 100km thick.temperature in the crust range from 0.c to 1,000.c.
Oceanic crust Oceanic crust is thinner and denser continental crust.
Continental crust Continental crust are made mainly of the elements oxygen, silicon, and aluminum.
Mantle The mantle is 67% of the earths mass and is 2,900km thick temperature in the mantle range from 1,000.cto 7,000.c.
Lithosphere The lithosphere is made of two parts the crust and the rigid upper part of the mantle.
The soft layer of the mantle on which the tectonic plates move
Mesophere The mesophere extends from the bottom of the asthenosphere to the earths core
Inner core The inner core is the solid, dense center of our planet that extends from the bottom of the outer core to the center of the earth, which is about 6,380km beneath the surface
Outer core The earths core is divided into parts the outer core and the inner core
Core The earths core is made mostly of iron, and contains smaller amounts of nickel but almost no oxygen

Chemistry roots

Question Answer
Wodor H
Sod Na
Potas K
Magnez Mg
Wapn Ca
Zelazo Fe
Miedz Cn
Cynk Zm
Srebro Ag
Zloto Au
Rtec Hg
Olow Pb
Cyna Sn
Wegiel C
Tlen O
Azot N
Fluor F
Glin Al
Krzem SI
Siarka S
Fosfor P
Chlor Cl
Brom Br
Hel He
Neon Ne
Jod G

History vocab

Question Answer
Poll tax Sum of money to be paid before a person could vote
Literacy test Reading and writing eats formerly used in some southern states to prevent African Americans from voting
Grandfather clause Law to disqualify African American voters by allowing to vote only men whoa??s fathers and grandfathers voted before
Civil service Government departments and thier nonelected employees
Spoils system Practice of the political party in power giving jobs and appointments to thier supporters rather than thier qualifications
Gold standard Policy of designating monetary units in terms of thier value of gold
Populist party Political party formed in 1891 to advocate a larger money supply and other economic reforms
Los garros blancos Group of Mexican Americans living in New Mexico who attempt to protect thier land and way of life from encroachment by white landowners